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Art and learning culture that endures.

D´politic El Salvador

Arts and Culture

Our story

Our objectives are:


  1. To promote the values ​​of peace, justice and equity in the children and youth of El Salvador.
  2. Rescue vulnerable children and youth both at the family and community levels of gangs and violence.
  3. Increase the quality of life of children and youth in El Salvador through the human rights approach taught in the theater classes, as well as increasing the self-esteem of each person who is part of this project, which will allow them to reproduce it. In their field of life.


We will achieve these objectives with the financial support of the donors to incorporate more girls, boys and adolescents to music, theater and dance learning. Said financing will be used for the costing of classes and personalized tutoring, as well as the family and individual follow-up of the behaviors and integral learning of the girl or boy or adolescent in her community and educational center, requesting the respective evaluations of the experts in the matter.

Our Culture Promotion Program is valued at $ 10,000 to provide coverage to 20 children and adolescents in vulnerable situations in San Salvador, with the objective of empowering and leading the development of their community.