Red Cross Intensive Care Ambulance for most in need

Help us to acquire our first intensive care ambulance in Saltillo, Mexico.



Our story


At the Red Cross in Saltillo, we respond to at least 40 emergency calls per day and 10 of these require specialized equipment. Each one of these calls is a life saved, a mom, dad, son, daughter returned safely to their family. We strive daily to do everything in our hands to save every life we come in contact with, but to be able to do this we must have the necessary equipment to serve those most in need and who sometimes don´t have to means to pay for it.

Everything we do at the Saltillo Red Cross is completely free. We want you to be a part of this movement, helping those that need us the most is our way of being part of a greater story. Red Crosses all around the world are giving their time, energy, money and love to save as many lives as possible. Be a part of the solution! Help us to continue saving lives.

For this reason, our project will be focused on enabling one of our ambulances to be an Intensive Care Ambulance. This means adapting it with all the machinery and special needs to provide specialized care to those who suffer from an accident or emergency and require intensive care. For the Red Cross Saltillo, it is important to be part of the care for these people who have suffered some trauma and provide them with what is necessary to give them the comprehensive care required.


The donations will cover the necessary costs to acquire the machinery and specialized tools, as well as to adapt the physical space of an ambulance we already have. If the objective is not achieved, we will continue with the same focus of the project, we would only eliminate the machinery that is more luxury. 


The impact that this project would have in Saltillo is unmeasurable. The number of emergency calls that we answer per day is up to 40 calls per day, several of these calls turn out to be cases of intensive care in which we can not respond to because we do not have the preparation of the ambulance for such an emergency. Our main objective is to be part of the solution. The Red Cross is a name we all know. We exist with the only focus of giving everything to the most vulnerable people in our city. Our goal with this project is focused on that. 


Our needs always go beyond this project. We are the only Red Cross in Mexico that still offer our services 100% free of cost, especially focused on those who cannot afford it. We invite you to share a little of what we are doing here at Saltillo Red Cross. Be part of our family! 


Offer efficient attention to the population in case of emergency and in disaster situations, and promote actions aimed at increasing the capacity of people and communities through voluntary action.