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Change the world with small actions, become a social investor by supporting our free integrated health services.

Fundación Solidaridad Sin Límites

Children and Youth

Our story

We believe we can make a shift in social awareness to create a more diverse, equal and respect based society. Our starting point is through the free integrated health services we provide for the most vulnerable areas or peoples in Colombian territory. We take care of the main necessities while providing workshops on topics such as human rights, indigenous legislation, gender-based violence and more.

80% of our brigades are made up of women, therefore, your donation enables us to provide our volunteers with medical equipment and cover the costs needed to carry out our workshops in different communities. We work solely on individual investors, so it’s up to you to create a big change from small action.

Together, we can start a movement that knows no boundaries, race, gender nor religion. Together we can give without limits.

(Other ways you can help: we receive clothes and medicine donations to take to our missions, we are open to new volunteers in different areas and always share upcoming initiatives on our social media or website



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