IV ENAJO “National Encounter of Young People”
“With joy and hope let us proclaim the miracles of the Lord with Mary”

Asociación Civil Caritas de Barcelona

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Our story

The Enajó is the National Youth Meeting, which aims to promote, as part of the national process of Youth Ministry as a moment of celebration and impetus to continue the challenges of the present moment.


Summary of the History of the SAGE

During the National Assembly of Heads of Youth Ministry in Venezuela, on 4, 5 and 6 October 2001, in the city of Los Teques, Miranda State, suggested by Bishop José Luis Azuaje, Secretary General of the CEV, proposed to hold a National Youth Encounter to promote the New Evangelization among young people. The Assembly determined that it will be held in 2003, close to February 12, the day of the youth. Likewise at a meeting of the National Coordination of Youth Ministry it was suggested that the meeting also promote the proposal of the Venezuelan Plenary Council for young people. Likewise, the proposal was presented to Bishop Mariano José Parra Sandoval, President of the Episcopal Commission for Youth and University Pastoral Ministry during the Bishops’ Assembly of October 2001 and to his brothers in the episcopate in plenary, who expressed their support for it.

The events developed in our country in the political, social and economic fields forced to rethink the realization of the National Encounter, a situation that made us think that it should not be done, but convinced that young Venezolanos are anxious to meet us and demonstrate to all that through our faith and our forces want and can build a people of brothers, the Meeting was set for the end of the year.

In this opportunity will be held the fourth edition of the Enajó from August 1 to 5, 2018, and convinced that this meeting is a great support and strengthening of all young Venezolanos, builders of a new society.

We carry out this project that in this first stage aims to promote and motivate the motivation in all the inhabitants of the city of Barcelona, ​​state, Anzoátegui, place to be held this meeting with the purpose of achieving greater participation of young people in the zone and make great publicity so that the whole population is captivated and thus to make that it takes a reception attitude for all the pilgrims that arrived from all the parts of the country to live a unique experience.


How we will put your donations into action:

In this stage of the project the donations will be used, for the realization of murals alluding to the Enajó, with advertisements on screens of the city, motivational meetings and preparation for the meeting.

There will also be days of mercy, which consist of helping children, young people, families, of great economic need, with food, clothing and medicine that are achieved (most of these things are obtained by donations like the one you will make, although other if we buy them to complete the aid that is delivered).


Why it matters:

This project is important for us, because it will help us to continue encouraging and accompanying all the young people of our country, which are present and future. Therefore always inspired by the Gospel, the Holy Spirit and the Social Doctrine of the Church; we work to respond to the challenges of youth and university reality.