Jardínes de la gente: la tierra, las manos, y las voces

Bring together community-based organizations to share resources with which to sustain and build food-production gardens

Norris Square Neighborhood Project


Our story

Norris Square Neighborhood Project’s six gardens cover half an acre of urban land and uniquely demonstrate Latinx and West African heritages through design as well as specific flowers and foods grown. We have been working with community members since 1973 to cultivate these gardens and create spaces of respite in a bustling city as well as grow organic, sustainable foods and herbs for its neighborhood. We grow an average of 850 lbs of produce annually for community members to purchase for $1/lb or less at our weekly Farm Stand running from March through October.


Community members, local schools, and other neighborhood organizations wanting help with their gardens frequently approach us, but we simply do not have the capacity. With our experience and expertise, we would love to be an urban-agriculture hub for our community!


To do this, we need more staffing. We currently have one staff member to manage a half acre of gardens, a huge task in and of itself. We need two staff members so that we have the capacity to not only maintain grow our own gardens, but also support other gardens as well as manage volunteers and link them with other garden-support opportunities in the community. We will be creating a community roundtable working with schools, local community organizations, and a college to bring more interaction between gardens and local food suppliers, educate youth on the importance of urban agriculture and Latinx/West African cultural foods, and bring the community into our garden spaces.


We need your support. This giving season, make a donation to our dreams of better uplifting and working with our community! Thank you in advance for your generosity!


While you’re here, please take a moment to share our campaign on social media and via email to take your support further!