Join us in Celebrating 14 Years of Reproductive Justice Victories in California!

Funding our reproductive justice movement, means justice for all of California!

California Latinas for Reproductive Justice

Our story

What is Reproductive Justice (RJ)?

Reproductive Justice is a framework that encompasses the rights of all people to 1) HAVE children when they are ready, and have access to the necessary support for  healthy pregnancy, birth and parenting experiences; 2) NOT HAVE children and have access to the sexual and reproductive health services including contraception, comprehensive sexuality education and abortion; 3) parent the children we have in healthy environments that are free of violence, both interpersonal and institutional.

Who Are We?

California Latinas for Reproductive Justice (CLRJ) is a statewide organization committed to honoring the experiences of Latinas/x to uphold our dignity, our bodies, sexuality, and families. We build Latinas’/x power and cultivate leadership through community education, policy advocacy, and community-informed research.

What Are We Doing?

It’s our birthday month! And we’re kicking off our celebration this year with HIPGive’s #latinxgive campaign as we celebrate 14 years en la lucha for Reproductive Justice! Funding our reproductive justice movement, means justice for all of California! This year we passed SB 24 with our partners, a bill that would increase access to reproductive health services for ALL students on public college campuses by providing medication abortion at health centers. Next year, we will continue to advocate for reparations for the survivors of state-sponsored, coerced or forced sterilizations.  We will also continue investing in our ability to do more training and leadership development in underserved Latina/x neighborhoods across the state. 

How Can You Help? You too can be part of the Reproductive Justice Movement!

When we build Latina/x leadership, we empower our communities to use their voices and harness their power to make policy changes! Your donation to our campaign will help us to continue to protect and uplift the needs of Latinas/xs and their families! If you give on the designated times during December 3rd, your donation can be doubled by HipGive’s $15,000 matching grant! 


Here is how your support makes a difference at CLRJ:


  • $50 pays for the printing of materials at a training for Latina/xs advocates

  • $100 supports parents to participate in a leadership training by providing childcare

  • $200 covers the airfare of a Latina/x leader to fly to the state capitol for CLRJ’s Advocacy Day! 


Every dollar counts! No donation is too small! 


Your dollars will contribute to the cultivation of Latina/x leadership that has a lasting impact on the 7.5 million Latinas/x and their families affected by the policies that CLRJ has taken on in the state of California.  


We thank you for your consideration to support our work! We look forward to staying connected with you! Please join our mailing list and follow us on social media!


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