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Justice for Migrant Women

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Migrant women are the center of change in their families, in their communities, and in their workplaces. Historically, these women traveled with their spouses and other family members to help stabilize and support the family, while also contributing economically.


Increasingly, single women and single mothers are migrating for economic opportunities, safety, and for their individual security and that of their children. Gender-based violence, discrimination, and lack of adequate legal protections have all contributed to holding migrant women back, as well as denying them many of their civil and human rights. Justice for Migrant Women is committed to protecting the rights of migrant women, no matter where they come from, how they migrated, or where they work.


Defending the rights of this vulnerable, yet strong, population requires a multi-prong approach that includes policy advocacy, legal referrals and representation, bolstering political capital and creating strong networks and coalitions. Founded and led by the renowned activist and civil rights attorney, Mónica Ramírez, Justice for Migrant Women is built on a foundation of more than a decade of strategic and focused work to address the needs and advance the rights of migrant women in the United States. These years of experience on the ground, collective wisdom, and strong connections with governmental leaders and officials and community members, have positioned it to be a leading organization for the rights of migrant women in the U.S. Justice for Migrant Women is poised and prepared to have a significant impact and effect positive change for the benefit of all working people.


What Your Donation Will Fund:  

Your financial contribution supports Justice for Migrant Women’s overall mission. Our projects and initiatives include:

  • Policy & Advocacy Work relating to anti-discrimination & anti-violence, safety for child farm laborers, equal pay and other general labor protections. Justice for Migrant Women is currently engaging on advocacy related to the federal BE HEARD Act, the federal CARE Act and other state and local efforts.
  • Education and Outreach: Justice for Migrant Women conducts: public awareness and educational campaigns, including Know Your Rights presentations to workers; art activism through The Bandana Project, which raises awareness about sexual harassment against farmworkers; a gender equity outreach initiative targeting farmworker women in NW Ohio; and strategic media initiatives.
  • Civil & Political Engagement: Justice for Migrant Women has created a rural civic engagement initiative focusing on the needs of migrant women and other marginalized community members to help ensure that political leaders consider their priorities.
  • International Migration and Immigration Protections: Justice for Migrant Women is engaged on advocacy related to the rights of women and children in immigration detention. It has presented testimony and provided relevant information to the United Nations and in other international forums.
  • Culture Shift Initiatives: Justice for Migrant women is engaged in culture shift and narrative work that centers migrant women, their families and experiences. We are working with and advising content creators on creating content that accurately represents the lived experiences of migrant community members and helping to bolster support for migrant women, as well as for Latinx community members, by ensuring they are accurately portrayed through media, film and through other mediums.
  • Cross-sector Power Building: Justice for Migrant Women is building power and making change through multi-sector and multi-ethnic collaborations to create issue-focused organizing that spans to or reaches multiple workforces, many of which employ migrant women workers and their families.


Other Ways People Can Help:  

People can share digital content/social media to raise awareness about these issues. They should also encourage their friends and colleagues to contribute to Justice for Migrant Women through the HIPGive social sharing tools. Every single one of us is a necessary partner in ending the gender-based violence, discrimination, and lack of adequate legal protections that migrant women face every day.


About Us: 

Justice for Migrant Women aims to ensure that all migrant women are guaranteed human and civil rights, including the freedom of mobility, the ability to live and work with dignity and without fear of sexual violence, and the right to be free of threats of violence against them and their families, whether they are migrating across borders, around regions or within states. Justice for Migrant Women protects and advances migrant women’s rights through education, public awareness, and advocacy. Your donation today will help make this crucial work on behalf of migrant women possible. Please be as generous as you are able.






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