Keeping families safe by providing legal immigration services

Provide legal immigration services to low-income and working class families.

Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice

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Given the current political climate in the US, more and more families are in urgent need of legal support. Our education and awareness program is designed to enable individuals and families to understand their legal position and work with legal services to defend the rights that the law gives them. Click on the following link to learn about Kayla and Cristian. 


In addition, our services include helping immigrant families to be prepared with a Family Safety Plan, an Accompaniment Program, and a quick response line in case of facing any situation with ICE.


Between 2017 – 2018 we conducted over 65 “Know Your Rights” workshops and helped over 2000 families, but we’re still not keeping up with demand. 

Help us to expand our Know Your Rights Prevention Program so it reaches more people.

Our ability to roll out workshops is limited by our small staff and small number of trained workshop facilitators. In order to expand the program, we need to:

– widen the pool of facilitators through “train the trainer” workshops 

– provide Board of Immigration (BIA) accreditation credentials to facilitators 

– create a stronger legal team to provide direct legal services and helping key allies work in partnership with local attorneys. 


How we’ll use your donation

with a trained organizing team, providing BIA accreditation credentials, ACIJ can expand their community support efforts, by creating a legal team, and organizing key allies to carry out the project. A new addition to the programs would be providing legal support, by organizing our key allies and in partnerships with local attorneys.   We will track attendees, potential leaders to recruit, membership, and also development of current leaders statewide, as our current organizing model helps the growth of our organization, and build up the confidence of the community at large.


We appreciate any donation, no matter the amount. If you can also contribute sharing this campaign with your friends and family. It’s only thanks to supporters like you that we are able to fight for immigrant rights in Alabama. 


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