Labor Inclusion (Self-employment) for Persons with Disabilities

Labor Inclusion (Self-employment) for Persons with Disabilities



Our story

People with disabilities are one of the most vulnerable groups on the issue of integration into the labor market. Research at the international level indicates that a lower physical or mental capacity is one of the main factors that generate situations of inequality and are a cause of employment discrimination. People with disabilities who work earn much less than their colleagues without disabilities and more than 80% of them do so in the form of self-employment.

The objective of this project is to make available to people with disabilities of low resources (but with great capabilities and spirit of progress), a mobile space for the sale of the products they produce and which also serves to sell food to people and organizations that are willing to help this group of people. The project consists of the acquisition of two awnings of high duration, three round tables and 30 chairs and we take care of putting them to work!

To put ¨manos a la obra¨, we need to raise $ 1,850 USD and with your valuable help, we will be able to decisively promote (24) beneficiaries who will be receiving the opportunity to place their products in different places, impacting positively around ( 150) relatives.
With these small actions, we are creating a social support network that directly involves you so that people with disabilities are encouraged to continue with their desire to be financially self-sufficient.

$ 1,850.00 dollars means starting this initiative so that we will work together and continue our path towards strengthening the labor inclusion of people with disabilities within a national scenario of true equality!

About us:

Sursum Corda Foundation, I.A.P. : We are a Private Assistance Institution, duly constituted, with authorization and supervision from the Private Assistance Board of the State of Mexico (JAP / 18/519). We attend from the City of Toluca, people with disabilities from Zinacantepec, Toluca, Metepec, San Mateo, Lerma and along the great industrial corridor of this municipality.

Your contribution will be destined exclusively to the achievement of this project. This is defined by the statutes to which we are subject and by the attention paid to internal oversight measures and the State and Federal Government Institutions that govern us.