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The Latino Political Network is a unique initiative to increase the number of Latino elected officeholders in Iowa

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Campaign summary:

We have built a unique organization that is dedicated to educating and empowering the next generation of Latino leaders in Iowa.  With your support we can grow our organization and support more leaders in 2018.

The Latino Political Network is a candidate for a major grant that will allow us to hire our first full-time organizer.  The organization has been volunteer-led since it was created in 2015.  If we get the grant, we will still need resources to implement our trainings and continue to build strong connections between our members across Iowa.

Why it matters:

Across the country the Latino community is underrepresented in elective office.

We need public servants to step up and run for local, state and national offices.  And with much of the harshest rhetoric pointed at Latino Americans, we need more Latinos to run for public office.

For many Latinos the network, skills, and confidence needed for a successful campaign are all lacking.  Prior to launching the LPN in 2015, there was no organization in Iowa focused on empowering and educating Latinos to serve in elected office.

Iowa is a state with a rapidly-growing and young Latino population that lacks wealth, power, and status.  The lack of civic and political power has a direct negative impact on the development of the Latino community.

We founded this organization two years ago and have run it in our spare time because we believe in the mission and we know we are the right people to inspire a new generation of Latino leaders.  Each of us has worked for a United States Senator and Rob is the first Latino to win an election in Des Moines, Iowa’s largest county.  We have the knowledge and passion to train and inspire more Latino leaders in Iowa.

The LPN has held trainings all across Iowa.  At each event we focus on what is necessary to run a successful campaign and build community between everyone in attendance.  At our first event six Latinos announced their campaigns for local office!

2018 is going to be a big year for the Latino Political Network.  We are a finalist for a grant to hire our first organizer.  We are asking for your support for program funding to assist them as they continue to build relationships and set up trainings across Iowa.  All of our trainings are free to the public.  We travel across the state to make sure travel is not a barrier for a participant.  And we always provide food. Because nothing brings our community together like sharing a hot meal!

Potential Challenges:

The Latino Political Network is a 501c3 and is completely non-partisan.  We founded this organization so that the Latino community would have advocates who put the needs of our families before party or candidate.  But by choosing not to align with the parties we have closed off some avenues of support.

And many people just see Iowa as a fly-over state with no Latino population.  That is just not true.  There are over 180,000 Latinos living in Iowa.  And the median age of the Latino population is 15 years younger than the rest of the state!

If you donate to the LPN, your donation will cover the cost of our trainings all across the state.  It will pay for food for our participants and gas for our organizer.  We are also revamping our website to make it a home for our network members to support each other and for the political world to meet the Iowa Latino officeholders.

Other Ways to Help:

You do not have to donate to the LPN to help.  Please share our campaign with your networks.  If you are in Iowa, you can help us reach more people that we could work with.  If you are outside of Iowa, you can help us connect with other individuals and organizations that are doing similar work.

Our long-term vision for the LPN is an organization funded by an army of average people who believe in our work.  Please help share this campaign among your friends, family, and associates.




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