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Of what use is a young Hispanic female?  Of what use is an educated Hispanic female?  Of what use is an educated and morally strong Hispanic female?  Her use is unfathomable and vital to not only herself and her family but to all of society.  We have so many examples of just such women, from a Supreme Court Justice to heads of companies and to all walks of professional life.  In order for this to happen today, our young women must have a strong and excellent foundation.  This is what happens at the Nora Cronin Presentation Academy, a small yet powerful school, in Newburgh, New York.

The Nora Cronin Presentation Academy is a middle school, grades five to eight, whose students come  from low-income families.  The academy is a holistic environment that affirms the values of faith, hope, justice and freedom in an environment that fosters human dignity.  It calls the students to a kinship of care for the Earth, to foster peace and to give back to their communities.  In order to do this effectively classes are kept to fifteen girls in a class.  The size of the school encourages strong bonds of kindness and acceptance of each other.  With this feeling of belonging the girls feel free to express themselves as well as develop at their own rate.

The school is blessed in so many ways:

  • A principal and staff who is dedicated to the mission of the school.  A principal who offers strong leadership and teachers who not only instruct during the school day but offer individual help when needed are strongly caring of each child in their care. No child’s needs are ignored whether they are educational or personal.
  • Parents whose involvement is most important to the well-being of their child.  In fact in order to keep the building in good order, parents donate all paper goods and take turns cleaning the school.  This sweat equity keeps costs down and is done in lieu of tuition.  Parents are very grateful that their girls are in a safe environment at little to no cost to them.
  • Volunteers who allow the school day to be extended with many types of programs such as computer skills, leadership training and self-esteem workshops being just a few.  A four-week summer program expands the horizons of our young ladies with field trips outside of their local areas as well as opportunities to do community service.
  • A Board of Directors who believes strongly in the mission of the school and work to keep it financially viable.
  • Donors who generously support the work of the school because they believe in its mission.

The Nora Cronin Presentation Academy is a school filled with eager and smart Hispanic young girls who will someday become our leaders.  The school is truly the product of hard-work and dedication by all involved and is truly a gift the community.




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