LatinaVIDA Rise to the Top Workshop!

Help Us Bring LatinaVIDA’s celebrated workshop ¡Rise to the Top! to Oakland, California



Our story

Latinas are the most underrepresented demographic group in leadership ranks across all sectors.  While Latinos now represent almost 20% of the US population, only 3% of senior executives in the corporate, public and nonprofit sector are Latina.  Latinas also face the greatest degree of income disparity.  LatinaVIDA’s mission is to inspire the next generation of Latina executives by providing professional development programs, free career strategies newsletter and hosting a podcast featuring Latina innovators, pioneers, and leaders as role models of success.  We understand that if a Latina is first in her family to attend college, she is also likely to be first in her family to hold a professional job.  This reality puts Latinas in an uneven playing field facing the challenge of working in an isolated environment and at the same time facing considerable bias as both a woman and as a Latina.

Our signature workshop “¡Rise to the Top!” has been hosted at major corporate sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Bank of the West and PG&E and now we want to bring the event to a public venue that will be free and open to attend among early stage Latinx.  We know that many Latinas who work in smaller businesses where these programs are not available.  We also want to serve those currently transitioning between jobs. The full day workshop will be facilitated by two senior Latina executives and participants will learn about VIDA–Visibility, Identity, Determination and Action–the narrative of Latina success.  The workshop explores the following key topics:

  • Developing Executive Presence
  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome
  • Working with Mentors, Sponsors and a Personal Board of Advisors
  • Managing your Personal Brand
  • Meeting the Demands of Work Life
  • Creating a Career Map for Long Term Success

Our workshop consistently receives exceptional feedback and participants often continue their learning using LatinaVIDA Circles using a free guide to form peer networks that continue to be a source of support for participants.  We also provide a free weekly newsletter on career tips and strategies.

Normally this program is funded at corporate campuses but your donation will make it possible for us to bring this event to Latinas who are employed in smaller organizations that cannot host an event of this kind or who are currently looking for work. We will also make sure this event is attracts college seniors so that they are fully prepared to enter the workforce and navigate the workplace effectively.   LatinaVIDA could not exist without sponsorships, donations, and volunteers.  We have very little overhead as we operate as virtual organization and so the majority of your contribution will be to coordinate this event.

LatinaVIDA is a 501c3 public benefit corporation co-founded in 2014 by Dr. Maria Hernandez, Dr. Santalynda Marrero and Julia Arellano Sullivan.  We have operated solely with sponsorships, donations,  contributions from all of the founders and our board of directors.  We operate all of our activities with a base of volunteers who believe in our mission and whose lived experience in the work place informs the work we do, the stories we share and the engagement we strive to generate with our work.   Latina success and participation in the C-Suite is linked to being informed about how to navigate the workplace from the beginning.  Saber es poder!