LatinaVIDA360 Podcast: Latina Trailblazers Leading in the C-Suite

LatinaVIDA inspires the next generation of Latina executives and LatinaVIDA360 will feature trailblazers in the C-suite



Our story


LatinaVIDA is a 501(c)3 public benefit corporation dedicated to inspiring the next generation of Latina executives. We do this through workshops (Rise to the Top), webinars, newsletters, peer mentoring (LV Circles) and coaching.  Our focus is to change a statistic that keeps us all up at night:  Only 3% of all executives in any sector are Latina.  As Latinas grow in number and continue to influence family and community life, we must be seen as more than consumers.  The Fortune 500, major nonprofits, universities, and public agencies need Latina executives.

The goal of this campaign is to build our nonprofit’s capacity to produce monthly podcasts (one in English/one in Spanish) where we interview and feature a Latina senior executive.

Why LatinaVIDA360 Matters:

One of the most important factors that is known to interrupt the career ambitions of Latinas is a sense of isolation, bias and lack of mentors and sponsors.  LatinaVIDA360 is an opportunity to show case Latina Trailblazers in every sector who have defied the odds and made it to the top.  As Latina are exposed to leaders who are just like them, who faced the same questions as they do now–this will help many remain focused on their career goals and reach out to find mentors that guide them.

LatinaVIDA360 Challenges To Address

As with any new venture we must anticipate unexpected technical issues may emerge which is why we have budgeted some time for training on effective podcasting techniques and building an audience for the program.  As a team of volunteers, the stipends and support will be essential to make sure we have assistance with the daily outreach efforts that are necessary to build an audience for a program of this kind.  However, we fully intend to leverage this campaign to build a large audience and to be featured on other programs like LatinoUSA so that we can be cross promoted.  As our audience grows we will seek a corporate underwriter for the programming on LatinaVIDA360

Any unused portions of campaign funds will be used to support our existing workshop program Rise to the Top.

Other ways people can help us succeed:

– Please join our Facebook Group Page and champion our mission to help see Latinas advance in their careers.

– Encourage the Latinas in your social network who are early in their careers to join our mailing list where they can receive our free newsletter and learn about upcoming events in their area.

– Become an official campaign ambassador or volunteer at one of our Rise to the Top events.

– Follow us on Twitter at @savvylatinainfo and @LatinaVIDA360