ILCM is on the frontline of advocating for Minnesota’s immigrant and refugee communities, statewide.

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Represent: The Immigrant Law Center of
Minnesota (ILCM) represents immigrants and refugees, in immigration and court
proceedings. From Trump’s inauguration through March 13, immigration arrests in
Minnesota and adjoining states jumped by 80 percent over the same time last

who are represented by lawyers win their cases at least twice as often as those
who do not have lawyers – and, depending on the type of case, are sometimes
four or five times more likely to win. Under U.S. law, someone charged with a
misdemeanor who could be punished by three months in jail has a right to a
public defender. An immigrant seeking to avoid a deportation for life has no
right to a public defender — not if they have lived here for 20 years and have
U.S. citizen children, not if they are trying to escape death squads in their
home country, not in any case at all. Getting legal services can be a matter of
life or death.

Educate: Knowing your rights means
protecting your family and yourself. Since Trump took office, requests for our Know
Your Rights presentations and other legal education trainings have quadrupled. We
also offer an immigration helpline, detainee helpline, and an Emergency
Preparedness Manual for families.

Advocate: Our immigration system has
been broken for decades. The current administration’s actions focus on making
that broken system even more punitive and unjust, and stirring up racism and
animosity toward immigrants. Right now, we combat this anti-immigrant prejudice
as we speak to groups across the state, debunking myths about immigrants and
immigration. We respond to specific legislative attacks on immigrants through
our action alert hotline, triggering hundreds of calls to legislators on issues
like drivers’ licenses and REAL ID. We continue to advocate for comprehensive
immigration reform in the long term.

of our offices have a waitlist for services. Especially in today’s dangerous
climate, with ICE arrests increasing and targeting long-time residents, more
immigrants and refugees need our help — both in the Twin Cities metro area and
in our three offices in Greater Minnesota, where there are limited immigration

gifts will help us build our core legal team, so that we can work with the
increasing number of clients who seek to:

  • safeguard their permanent resident status in this
  • renew their DACA protection,
  • find safe refuge through the asylum process,
  • apply for legal status for the first time, especially
    through visas for victims of crime and domestic abuse,
  • become naturalized citizens of the United States,
  • find help with other immigration-related legal issues.

our network of volunteers and Pro Bono lawyers, we will multiply the impact of
your contribution. Whether you can give $5 or $500, we need your help today.

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website for more information about our organization.
Facebook page and the news section of our website are great places to
receive ongoing updates about our work and immigration news.



Kara M Schommer

Thank you ILCM for the leadership, excellent services, and hope you provide to Minnesota!



It is unthinkable that immigrants are not a part of our community , our country. I am hurt every time an immigrant one of us in community and solidarity has to go through such hurtful times in their life. I am so sorry my country's government has put up this wall...and so embarrassed they have done this. This thinking is so fearful and backward. Thank Immigration Law Center for being there for all of us Becky Flory


Kathryn Freeman


Mary Turck

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