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Our story

El Salvador, one of the most violent countries in the world, the schools represent a safe space to grow. The future of Salvadoran children and youth, and a culture of lasting peace, depends on our capacity to offer them opportunities to face violence and expectations for an encouraging future.

Schools for the Future implements projects that support education and violence prevention in collaboration with the public schools of El Salvador.

Through “Leaders for the peace in El Salvador” we will strengthen leadership skills and teamwork to 60 young people with ages between 12-17 in 4 public schools in El Salvador. Using a combination of theory and practice in a “Learning by Doing” approach, students will create and develop school projects that benefit the school and the community that surrounds them.


How will we use your donations?

With your help, we can take this project to 60 participants of 4 schools in the Chiltiupán area, in the Department of La Libertad. The funds will be used to mobilize schools, purchase teaching materials, buy refreshments and activities outside the classroom. Remember if we are alone, we can not do it, WE NEED ALL YOUR SUPPORT !!!  About us

Schools for the Future is a non-profit organization based in Sweden and El Salvador. The organization promotes a fair and sustainable society through close cooperation with schools. Its objective is to train people to influence their own future and the society that surrounds them. Schools for the Future promotes democracy, human rights and sustainable management of natural resources. The organization is politically and religiously independent.

Our vision is to identify local needs and facilitate long-term sustainable programs in collaboration with schools in El Salvador.





Maria Jose Soto



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