Learning and living: Positive prevention strategies to improve the quality of life of people with HIV and their partners

HIV: A new way to live

Red de Personas Afectadas por VIH A.C


Our story

The State of Yucatán occupies one of the first places at the national rate in terms of HIV. HIV is still associated with certain imaginary such as death, disappointment, guilt, fear, etc. Most of these ideas are associated with negative values, so when people receive the diagnosis, they usually think that their life is over or that it will end dramatically. In the same way, if they have a relationship, they also consider that they should end it, and many others think that they should no longer have sex life.

All of the above are preconceived, erroneous and unfounded ideas that impact on mental health as well as access to health services, to psychological services and, most importantly, in making decisions that become an improvement in the quality of life both physical and mental.

To achieve this, it is not only necessary to detect the cases but to follow up and support them for an adequate attachment to their treatment. The problem we seek to address is the lack of information in contexts of recent HIV diagnosis, its inaccuracy, and attention to the doubts generated by the above. Additionally, we seek to work on false and negative ideas about HIV and that have a personal, partnership and work impact.

This project is made up of two phases. In the first one, weekly sessions will be held, two per week with a duration of three hours each, serial and with the following information:

Week 1: HIV and AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, use of condom, lubricant and other STI prevention methods

Week 2: Importance of undetectability and ARV treatment. Side effects, strategy 90-90-90.

Week 3: Importance of adopting healthy behaviors in terms of food, dental hygiene, body care, etc. Precise examples and precise actions. Exercise, reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption, etc.

The second phase consists of a monthly workshop aimed at the population that previously attended the previous six sessions.

The following aspects will be addressed in this experiential and group workshop:

Experiences living with HIV. How do I feel? Human rights and non-discrimination.

  • Institutions to go to.
  • Labor and legal aspects of labor access for people with HIV
  • Changes in lifestyle and psycho-emotional strategies that improve life.
  • Concrete strategies of attachment and adherence. Personal examples.

This second phase will take place in a room rented for it and with all the comforts since they will last 6 hours and in which the modality will be expository-recreational, so it is necessary some space and special resources to be carried out.

This model will be replicated every month, with new people who come to the organization and those who are summoned and invited.

That is, six sessions and a monthly workshop will take place every month, impacting 60 people in each replica to give a total of at least 360 people, for 6 months.

2. What do we hope to achieve?

Increase prevention skills and build healthy strategies in people living with HIV and their partners through a group, experiential work and through the provision of prevention supplies. Likewise, it seeks to promote the timely diagnosis of syphilis and other STIs in people with HIV along with the promotion of HIV tests in couples of people living with HIV through the installation of a community center.

3. What does the contribution of the people who donate mean?

We want to donate around $100 USD per person.

Donations will mainly serve to:

  1. Acquire prevention supplies
  2. Acquire HIV and syphilis tests
  3. Conduct community workshops for people living with HIV and their partners, as well as the general population continue
  4. supporting campaigns to reduce HIV and other STIs

4. Who are we?

REPAVIH A.C is an organization from Mérida, México. It has 17 years of existence and 13 years formally constituted. Every year we do hundreds of free rapid tests, we provide prevention supplies, we support people with HIV and their families.

We have received different awards such as “Faces of Merida” and “Volunteer of the Year Award” During 2019, dozens of conferences, information stands, and interviews were given to different media.

Today REPAVIH is a reference in the State regarding HIV and support for people with HIV.

Our goal is to prevent HIV and other STIs and at the same time increase the quality of life for people living with HIV and their families.