When we play there are no limits only freedom, creativity and thousands of possibilities of Being.

Flora Fauna y Cultura de México A.C.

Our story

Tulum is a recognized tourist paradise that, as in many other cases in the country, presents conflicting realities.  On the one hand, its strip of beaches is one of the most beautiful tourist corridors in Mexico, and on the other, just a few minutes away, in the original town of Tulum, we find a  diametrically opposite economic and social reality. 

This marked difference, in such a small space, has opened a huge inequality gap, the negative consequences of which are mainly reflected in our children and young people: parental absence, family break-ups, school drop-out, alcohol and drugs. We can’t close our eyes to this reality and the way in which is has contributed to the rapid deterioration of the health and social fabric of Tulum.


In order to contribute to a better future for children and young people, in 2017 we opened the Ceiba Tulum Community Center in the heart of old Tulum.  It is a place where kids can take advantage of after-school educational activities with other children and through contact with nature, in a friendly and safe environment. By offering all kinds of educational and cultural activities we are reducing the likelihood that children and young people drop out of school, engage in risky behaviour or end up on the streets. We also work with a large number of migrant children; excluded from formal schooling the centre is their only access to educational and recreational activities. 


Help us to grow!

The Center is such a success that we now need  to expand our activities and so we have a new goal: build a new Multipurpose Room on the second floor of the Center. 

Our goal is to raise $10,000 USD to help pay for the construction work. Your donations will help us pay for the 3500 building blocks, 20 tons of cement, 20 castle armex and chain armex, and 9m3 of concrete that is needed to create the new room. 

Please give what you can: $10 USD, $20 USD; $50 USD; $120 USD or $300 USD – it all adds up. Thanks to your support, our team at La Ceiba Tulum Community Center will be able to better achieve our goal:  education, culture and environmental awareness for our children and young people. 


Let’s create a better future for the children and youth of Tulum! 

When we play there are no limits only freedom, creativity and thousands of possibilities of Being, with your contribution we will reach more children and be able to transform their community and the world in which they live. 


 What else can you do? 

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