Let’s go to the Up House! A safe place for families with HIV/AIDS

From the House in the Woods to the UP HOUSE! a safe place for families living with HIV/AIDS



Our story


Es Por Los Ninos is a binational community-based, family-centered non-profit organization that serves HIV+ women, children and adolescent and their affected families in Tijuana by providing social and supportive services which empower women to take an active role in their personal health and quality of life.


Our target beneficiary population are the vulnerable, low-income HIV+ women, children and adolescents and their affected family members, including HIV-exposed infants, cared for at Hospital General de Tijuana and referred by other health institutions in Tijuana/Baja California.


The focus is to empower HIV+ women, youth and children to achieve and maintain undetectable viral loads, a strong quality of life with reduced stigma and to prevent new infections. Of the estimated over 8000 people infected by AIDS/HIV in Tijuana/Baja California since 1983, an estimated 19% are women. Over 1% of pregnant women delivering at HGT have been found to be HIV+. These women, children and adolescent and their families have distinct challenges, needs and stigma including issues related to poverty, gender disparities and discrimination, sexuality, domestic violence, limited education and resources, struggles with disclosure, isolation and lack of empowerment.


This project will benefit these HIV+ women, children, adolescents and their affected families by providing strengthened, multidisciplinary services that address their specific, challenges, needs and stigma in a manner that focuses on empowering them to care for themselves and their families.


With the funds raised we will provide:

  1. Mental Health services
  2. Educational workshops
  3. Recreational activities
  4. Baby products, including formula to prevent the HIV transmission to the newborns.
  5. Meals
  6. Case management, outreach and social work
  7. A safe environment for the children, adolescents and women.


We collaborate with UCSD Mother, Child and Adolescent HIV Program for technical support and new updates on HIV treatments, with General Hospital in Tijuana and we network with many HIV agencies and other non-profits in Tijuana.


With more than 25 years of experience working with families living with HIV in San Diego and Tijuana, we have the tools to move a village and teach about HIV to eradicate the discrimination in our communities.



Marilee Kapsa

For your house. Merry Christmas.


Anita Darcey

Rosalva, everything that you do is suffused with your grace, compassion, & unending love. I am so proud to support your work.


Jared Jacobsen


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