Let’s save a life together!

Help us to ensure a healthy pregnancy, a fundamental stage in the life of women and the future of their children

VFM0102158G2 (VIFAC) Asociación Vida y Familia


Our story

“Thank you Vifac for everything you gave me, for the good things you taught me, Vifac is faith, strength and hope for the pregnant woman”

In Vifac Yucatán we have been working for 18 years with the aim of guaranteeing the human rights of pregnant women and children in vulnerable situations and thus achieve through our support, face life with dignity and achieve an adequate development, together with their children. ace. We offer a free comprehensive care that includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Medical and psychological care
  • Job training
  • School regularization
  • Preschool, primary and secondary education
  • Human formation
  • Workshops and courses for the care and education of children

Help us ensure a healthy pregnancy!

Over the course of a year, we serve more than 116 women, being our first priority to offer the prenatal care they need so that their babies are born healthy and safe.

We need to guarantee the purchase of food supplies, medications, the performance of clinical analysis, ultrasound and medical studies to be used so that women have a healthy and adequate development of pregnancy, having a better quality of life, together with their children.

It is very easy and safe, join our cause and support us, you can check our work at www.vifac.org or on our social networks like Vifac Yucatan.

Your contribution is very valuable, and the benefit for our mothers and children is for life.



Maria Dolores López Cortijo de Peñaranda

Orgullosa de esta labor de ayuda integral a la mujer embarazada


Lilia Sánchez

Felicito a la asociación por su trabajo y entrega a la vida





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