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Don´t let poverty be a reason for losing hope

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Our story

“It all started when I worked with women that suffered from cancer while I was doing my volunteer work during a year. When I met Dr. Felix and his team of colleagues at the Moctezuma Hospital form Children in México City, I realized all the challenges the hospital had to manage in order to help the children”.


“One day, Dr. Felix  told me that intravenous paracetamol was required to help some children but to my surprise, this is not the one that is administered by the hospital since it only can offer it in the form of pills. That was the moment when I said to myself that the lack of medication should never  be the cause of the death of a child treated in a hospital.”


As a personal challenge, that is, of a Mexican woman from the Jewish community, I would like to return to Mexico, to her children, everything that this wonderful country has to given to us. We would like to thank that Mexico has always welcome us and for that reason, we feel that it is our duty to help what is most important: the future of Mexico.


The future of Mexico should not depend whether on if one is born in a family with financial resources or not.




We will not let poverty be a reason for not following the most important dream of all: being alive. In many cases, poverty has become the main factor for losing hope in the treatment of children´s health in many hospitals of Mexico.


One of the main problems that Mexico faces due to poverty is the limitation of access to medical services. in many cases, due to the lack of studies, the type of illness or cancer that each child suffers is not known, which makes them choose to give the same medication to everyone, making their recovery more painful and slower, this is compounded by the side effects of a chemotherapy that is hair loss, causing children to lose their self-esteem.


We want our children to receive treatments in decent conditions by providing them with medicines, medical studies, wigs for hair loss and ludotherapies that help them to have an accompaniment and stability through the game, building a means to explore and interact with their environment.




With our project life dreams we seek to improve the quality of life of children during their treatments by providing

  • Medical studies to improve accuracy of treatment
  • Medical treatments that are not covered by the hospital
  • Access to medicines that the hospital lacks
  • Ludotherapy
  • Accompaniment and emotional stability for the parents of the children.




From 2016 to 2018, we have helped 186 children between 2 months and 18 years of which, more than 70% suffered from cancer. In 2018, we want to help 80 children more and for this reason, we need your help. We need to raise the necessary funds for helping more families in need but above all, bringing hope to children in their fight against the diseases.




Our team consists of a group of women dedicated to saving the lives of children of limited resources in their fight against diseases by acommpanying them day by day. That is why we strive to make these great warriors smile and laugh in the most difficult moments of their life. Help us help these children.





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