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Fundación TravelOne Kids

Children and Youth

Our story

Campaign summary:

79 children from the most needy areas of our city that
participate in Travelone Foundation activities. Together, we have achieved that
none missed classes, even several of them improved their performance. We have
worked so that in their study break time the children can find in Fundación an
environment where they can occupy their mind but they can also have a
recreation time. Therefore, we want to be able to fulfill the dream of children
of a recreational day in an amusement park called IRTRA.


Explaining how much money you need and how it will be used.

Applications have been included with the IRTRA with
the intention that they donate the entrance to the park and that the foundation
will cost bracelet and food costs for the 79 children that we have at headquarters.
With the contribution of each one, we will ensure that more children can join
this activity.

In case we did not achieve the goal, we believe it is
equally necessary to promote a healthy recreation with children and young
people attending headquarters and a camping night would be taking place in an
ecological park.

Why it matters:

Children and young people for economic reasons can
never attend the park. There are many things that cannot be changed overnight
and that every day you work to improve them but there are short dreams that we
all have the right to fulfill this project will make you open your heart and
this time you help fulfill the dream Someone else ahead of yours.

Potential Challenges:

We understand that dates do not help because many of them have to pay
their children’s school expenses, we are already waiting for the holidays and
we understand that they cannot support us with the minimum amount that is $ 10
dollars to be able to meet the goal per child, Each one Our children have the
same opportunity to go to this activity. If you cannot support us with the $
12.66 dollars per child, one way to support us is to donate your time for the
activity and be able to have a group in charge, or in other activities that are
in place to achieve a greater impact on these children.

You can support us by talking with your acquaintances, family, friends
of who we are as a Foundation, what we do, what have been our achievements and
the change we are generating in childhood. You can follow us on social networks
so that our family is bigger every day, in which they find us as
@travelonekids, on Instagram as travelonekidsgt.

If you can not support financially, you can be that entity that helps
spread our message be part of the Travelone Kids family and join the change.

About our organization:

Fundación Travelone Kids we are a non-profit foundation
working for the country’s children, generating a change in high-risk areas and
benefiting children and young people to have a place outside their home that
they can call home. We offer recreational and educational workshops to provide
them with an extra education that our education system has been responsible for
framing. Being able to provide them with better perspectives of the world and
injecting knowledge in subjects that in national schools are not offered as it
is computer science and a second language such as English.

In 2018 we helped 13 national schools with various
repairs and remodeling, however we did not achieve the impact we expected with
children. Now, at the end of the school year in Guatemala, we obtained that of
the 79 children who participate in our activities, none of them lost classes,
even several of them improved their performance.



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