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We want to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality by building a community health worker program strengthened with an app

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Our story

Campaign summary:

In Loreto, Peru, die 3 times more children and 2 times more pregnant women than in the rest of the country. In addition, 80% of deliveries happened in their homes. This may cause such deaths, whether due to infection, asphyxia or prematurity. The inequality gap in health is very big in our country.

Our goal is that there are no more preventable deaths of mothers or newborn in our country. For that, we have created a program of Community Health Workers (CHW), chosen by their own community and people, empowered with a tablet app. More than 10 cluster-RCT in Africa and Asia showed that home visits by CHW can reduce neonatal mortality. For this reason, we will use the good mobile coverage and existing network in the communities in the amazon to monitor the pregnant women of each community through our app.

The implementation and constant supervision will be the success of our program. In order to meet these requirements, we must cover a cost of USD3500 per community. For now, we are working in 80 communities of more than 2400 that exist only in the jungle of Peru. We want to expand our program and you can help us avoid these maternal and newborn deaths.

How will we put your donations in action?

1. We will use the USD3500 to implement a community with the following materials:

  • Induction training in technologies to the CHW and good practices in the delivery to midwives and CHW.
  • Feedback and update training.
  • Institutional uniform for CHW and midwives: four (4) t shirts, one (1) vest, one (1) tablet
  • Printed material: Emergency Delivery Plan, Homebirth preparation card, Immediate care of the newborn card, General care of the newborn card, Poster of warning signs during pregnancy, Poster of warning signs during childbirth, Poster of warning signs after childbirth and Poster of warning signs of the newborn.
  • Monthly supervision.

2. Our desire is to be able to work in 4 more native communities in Loreto. In case we do not reach the goal, your donations will help us to keep the communities we work with.

 3. In each community with which we work, there are at least 4 pregnant mothers. With your donations, we can teach them what is necessary through our app and our community health workers to save their lives.

Why it matters:

  1. We will be able to save the lives of many women who don’t know what the warning signs are during their pregnancy and their newborn children. We will know that we are impacting them because we will have their registration in our application, and we will continue to monitor them until a week after their baby is born.
  2. In this way we will reduce the giant health gap that exists in the Peruvian Amazon, and we will reduce the maternal and newborn mortality that is so high in our country.
  3. Our working method has been tested in Africa and Asia. In addition, we developed a pilot in 2015 where we obtained great results: we managed to increase institutional deliveries by 21% (from 16% we passed to 37%) which reduces the probability of maternal death; we managed to increase prenatal control by 25% during the first trimester (from 38% to 63%), which increases the chances of institutional delivery; and finally, we managed to increase the ID of newborns by 28% (from 2% to 30%), which provides better health opportunities for the baby.
  4. All this work allowed us to win two grants: Grand Challenges Canada and the national fund of CONCYTEC. Thanks to them, we have been able to begin our work with the 80 communities where we are currently present. We have many more communities to go to.

Potential Challenges:

  • Help us spread our message by sharing this link to reach more people.
  • You can also make your donations through our accounts in Peru:

SOLES ACCOUNT (S /.) – Interbank

AN.: 0413001685015


AN.: 0413001685022

  • If you want to organize a baby shower, contact us on our social networks that we will soon be offering this service in order to make this a sustainable program.

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