Community project 4 steps: 1st Sustainability and quality of life humble families Christmas dinner 100 children and pare



Our story


It is a community-based project that has been carried out for 17 years. Its objective is to detect positive values ​​for the sustainable development of low-income communities and it is carried out in 4 steps:

Diagnosis of the area and participants; Training and Food Security for sustainability.

In its first step we carried out a Christmas activity in the community aimed at children and 1 tutor, where we gave him toys, bags of food, clothing, household goods, medicines and a large Christmas dinner.

To carry out this activity we need your support with the donation you want to choose and if you want to be a sponsor of a child

Day: Saturday, December 16, 2017

Time: 9am to 12md

Place: San José area near Cerro Patacón

Beneficiaries: Children and their Total Mother: 100 people


How will we put your donations in action?

To carry out the totality of this project we require a total donation of $ 15,000.

1st Stage requires $ 2,000

  1. The $ 2,000 donation will cover a large Christmas dinner, uguetes, bags of food, clothing, supplies, medicine, transportation.
  2. In case you do not reach the final goal the donations will be used for the CHRISTMAS DINNER AND TRAINING FOR SUSTAINABILITY.
  3. Everyone who donates will be given the voucher to deduct from tax and will be sent a certificate with the photos and videos of the activity and those who wish to participate physically can do so.

Why it matters:

  1. This project has the purpose of minimizing poverty in the most unprotected families. The impact will be measured through the Sustainability Cacitations according to the abilities of each person.
  2. This project is valuable for families that lack a life and sustainable development plan. this will help them to be useful people to the community and to the country.
  3. The Friends of the Earth-afta ​​association was the first organization in Panama to carry out projects according to the needs of the most disadvantaged families.

We invite all who wish to live this experience with us. To certify that it will take place, you can attend or we can hold a conference via Sky with the community live.


Other ways that people can help:

Help us to  spread this message on social networks.  We invite you to become official ambassadors of the campaign or volunteers.


About our organization:

We are: A Panamanian NGO; Non-Governmental Environmental Organization; Non-profit (Mides 049; Founded in January 2001-16 Tenacious years in GOD Community Environmental Management.