Mejoremos la Educación en la zona Mazahua del Estado de México

We believe that every child in Mexico needs access to a quality education to build their own future.


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Did you know?

  • 1 of each 2 Mexicans has lack of education
  • 8 of every 10 indigenous children have insufficient learning.
  • Mexican teachers have no further skills training after their initial training.



Our mission is to improve the quality and equity of education in Mexico and we believe that every boy and girl in Mexico needs to access a quality education to build their own future and transform her life.


How do we do it?

We will empower teachers so that they can integrate the technology in their classes; this is what we do with the support of a trainer who is presently at school during a school cycle.


What do we do?

We develop digital skills in teachers and students.

We equip media classrooms with technological devices.

We develop the critical thinking of students.

We give access to digital educational content, pedagogical advisory and technical support.


How will we put your donations in action?

We need $ 8,000 USD to be able to bring accompaniment to a school in the Mazahua area of the state of Mexico.


What is accompaniment?

In-person accompaniment is a program for school strengthening addressed to teachers that promotes the integration of technology in teaching – learning processes through the integration of a professional with a pedagogical profile in the school community. The component of accompaniment of the presence begins at the beginning of the school year with a professional in pedagogy who will presently provide advisory to the teachers. Companions assess the digital and technological skills of the teachers to ensure that all have the necessary basic knowledge. From that moment, the companions support the teachers in the classes ‘planning so that they integrate the technology in the classroom and thus achieve the development of digital skills in children.


How will we use your donation?

Your contribution will make possible the presence of a trainer during the whole school cycle in a school that previously was equipped with computers and technological accessories.

We want to arrive to the goal to be able to do all the planned, if not, the raised funds will be integrated to a fund that in conjunction with other donors can be completing accompanying programs in many schools.

The school that will be beneficiated with computer equipment and we wish that these are used in the best way and in benefit of the future of all the students of the community, we look for equal capacities in all the students of the country.



For 18 years we have equipped and accompanied more than 8,500 schools throughout the country, we have presence in 49% of the municipalities of the country, everything has been possible thanks to a team of people who day to day work to improve education in Mexico, as well as hundreds of donors who add year with year to the cause that UNETE chosen.



Jose Hernandez

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