Migrants woman empowerment

Provide sexual and reproductive education to adolescents and young Venezuelans in vulnerable situations.

Instituto Peruano de Paternidad Responsable

Gender Equality

Our story

We are an organization that for 43 years has been fighting for the defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights of all people, especially for those populations that suffer discrimination and/or vulnerability. We work so that each person can freely decide on their body, have access to quality comprehensive health information and have access to services with a rights focus in an environment that respects self-determination in all aspects of their life.

Why it is important?

In Peru, we need to act now: Every day 10 teenagers are victims of rape. Women face a hostile environment where indicators of violence against women do not diminish. From street harassment, intra-family rapes, physical abuse, to feminicide, there are many ways in which women’s bodies are violated.

If we add to this, the condition of poor migrants of the majority of Venezuelan women living in Peru, discrimination and abuse increase dramatically. Many of them due to ignorance, fear and lack of opportunities, cannot escape the circle of economic, social, physical and sexual violence to which they are subjected and fall into networks of human trafficking and other inhuman treatment.

We want them to know their rights and access information and attention in sexual and reproductive health so that they empower themselves and regain control over their own bodies and, therefore, their destinies.

How will the funds be used?

Our professional health team and family planning counselors will conduct workshops and care in sexual and reproductive health aimed at adolescents and young migrants in the main public spaces and headquarters of the institution in districts with high poverty and violence. Likewise, talks on women’s rights will be held, such as the right to decide on their bodies and advice and personalized monitoring through our various platforms. Hand in hand with migrant rights experts and allied organizations, they will be trained so that they know how to defend their rights in a foreign country.




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