Mobility for people with permanent disabilities

We will use this truck to transport people with disabilities to their source of employment.

Fundación Sursum Corda, I.A.P.


Our story

We will use this truck to meet our objective: Transport our beneficiaries – people with disabilities – to their workplace, being it our responsibility to cover the operating expenses of the unit. In addition, we will provide them with food during their working day.

“Together we make a solution to facilitate labor inclusion in Mexico”


Sursum Corda Foundation, I.A.P. We are a Private Assistance Institution, duly constituted and with authorization from the Private Assistance Board of the State of Mexico (JAP / 18/519).

Security in the application of the resources from your donation.

Writing 70,533. Sixth Clause. – The patrimony of the institution, including the public supports and stimuli that it receives, will be used exclusively for the purposes of its corporate purpose, not being able to grant benefits on the distributable remnant to any individual or its members, individuals or entities, except that In the latter case, it is the case of a moral person authorized to receive deductible donations in terms of the Income Tax Law or in the case of remuneration of services actually received. The institution must not distribute among the members of the board or its founders remnants of the public supports and stimuli that it receives. The provisions of this provision are irrevocable.

Analysis of the need

We perform an analysis to choose the most appropriate option, from among the different market alternatives. The results obtained determined that our best option is the Toyota Hice truck. The above offers a higher coefficient in torque and more power in HP, which will obtain a better weight / performance / consumption ratio when transporting our beneficiaries.

Our impact

* With your support to acquire this unit, together we will get the attention of 48 beneficiaries, of which:
Formal Employment     12% – 6 people
Informal Employment   38% – 18 people
Self-employment          50% – 24 people

* Impact in your income (%)
Socioeconomic Level D +  Transportation   9%  Food 41%
Socioeconomic Level D     Transportation 12%  Food 46%
Socioeconomic Level E     Transportation 13%  Food 52%

In Fundación Sursum Corda, I.A.P., we are willing to raise hearts through our mission, to consolidate alliances by joining forces and to build a Mexico that enjoys a more human, more beautiful and better life.