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The citizens of the future are facing a loss of values in our humanity, social isolation and material selfishness that pushes away the positive and constructive essence of the human being. This is why the actual society must take responsibility upon the world we are leaving and creating for them.


Thanks to the program MOLITAS, we raise awareness and educate about new dynamics and ways to build societies, empowering through the concept of sustainability and global harmony to reinforce values such as: tolerance, inclusion, solidarity and respect; through art, culture and fashion as it is a perennial engine for change.


With the funds raised we will continue MOLITAS -which started in 2017-, developing workshops of textile art in public schools for children from 7 to 12 years old and teachers who will become influencers in their communities. The lessons will be led by experts on art, culture and social issues


What will we achieve?

To the end of 2018 we will reach 4 public schools in Montevideo, located in municipal zones socioeconomically diverse, giving priority to those with migrant population. We will teach 300 children about sustainability, responsible consumption, environmental consciousness and respect towards social diversity. Moreover, we will train 8 teachers about these issues for them to continue in their classrooms afterwards.



  • 300 stories written by the children which will be included in a book.
  • 40 textile art pieces made by the children which will be exhibited in a museum in Montevideo in 2019.
  • All the experience will be registered on video and photography.


MOLITAS is a project of the Foundation Entre Soles y Lunas through the platform MOLA whose objective is to position Latin-American design and create local sustainable development in the fashion industry, being the latter a driven force that touches other levels of the economy, in harmony with the environment and society.


Are you willing to bet on the future? Accompany us to take MOLITAS to more children.


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