Mommy and Me

Mommy and Me creates a love for learning between the youngest of kids and their mothers.

Nicaraguan Education Resource Center (CREA)


Our story

Imagine you are child growing up in rural Nicaragua. 

You wake up at the crack of dawn to the cries of the roosters.

You shower, eat, and head to school. Your school may not have enough chairs for each student so you stand or share. You also don’t have any textbooks, so you must write down everything the teacher says into your notebook. 

You want to salir adelante but how do you start when you don’t know how to read? How do you begin to learn to read if you’ve never touched a children’s book, looked at its pictures, imagined a world outside of your own, or had anyone to read to you?

Young children who were not yet in school were unable to access age appropriate programming, period. Responding to the expressed needs of the local communities, CREA’s Library Services staff created Mommy and Me. Starting with 4 women and their young children, Mommy and Me has grown to welcome over 50 women and the youngest of learners. Each Wednesday afternoon, women with babies, toddlers, and young kids travel to CREA for enrichment programming that includes song, movement, stories, art, and book-lending.

Why does this project matter? 

  • Young children in rural Nicaragua have no access to books and materials
  • The project makes sure the youngest of learners have the opportunity to be in comprehensive learning program designed to prepare them for success in school
  • The project also focuses on mothers, many of whom have very little formal education, in providing them and their children a caring learning environment.

What are we going to do specifically in this project? 

  • Provide reliable transportation in rural Nicaragua so mothers and their young children can attend on a weekly basis despite sun, dust, and sometimes torrential rain and strong wind
  • Critical materials to create dynamic and fun programs geared to women and their children
  • Salary support for the incredible Library Services staff that creates a learning environment for all participants

What will achieve with your support? 

  • Children will be introduced to reading at the key ages for 6 months to 5 years of age to become life long learners

How are we going to invest the gifts for this project? 

  • $940 USD will be utilized to support the salaries of the two Library Services staff members that make Mommy and Me a reality each week
  • $1560 USD will be utilized to provide safe and reliable transportation for an entire year for women and their young children to attend CREA each Wednesday afternoon from multiple rural communities
  • $500 USD will be utilized to purchase supplies such as crayons, colored paper, markers, play-doh, and more, as well as healthy snacks for participants

Who are we, CREA? 

CREA, founded in 2015, inspires rural Nicaraguans through literacy and education. Since its inception, CREA has been actively working with children and youth in primary and secondary school through its Library Services, Youth Development, and Education Outreach Initiatives.

CREA is a a 501c3 organization in the United States and is registered with the Nicaraguan authorities as a non-profit entity.

Want to get involved with CREA?

  • If you’ll be in the region or country, you can visit us at CREA in Nicaragua to learn more!
  • If you are unable to visit us in Nicaragua, but keen to get involved, check out our website:
  • Like us on Facebook at NicaraguaCREA and/or follow us on Instagram at Nicaragua.CREA
  • Contact Us through our website to discuss potential opportunities




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