MUJERES (Month to Unite for Justice, Equal Rights and Ending Sexism)

Month to Unite for Justice, Equal Rights and Ending Sexism (MUJERES) promotes the strength of woman working together.

Enlace Comunitario


Our story

Campaign summary:

MUJERES is a project that wants to invite you to honor
 a woman in your life by donating to our campaign. MUJERES stands for Month to
 Unite for Justice, Equal Rights and Ending Sexism (MUJERES). This project aims
 at uniting with women who are survivors of domestic violence and working 
together towards justice, equal rights and ending sexism in our Latino
communities in Albuquerque.

  1. We hope to reach a collective perception of what
 honoring a woman looks like when you donate to MUJERES.
  2. This is important to Enlace Comunitario because we 
want MUJERES to be an inclusive project where honoring a women transforms
 donors into active participants in their community.
  3. Our goal is to provide a platform where honoring a 
woman becomes an act of kindness and transformation to women who need it the 

Why it matters:

  1. When honoring a woman in your life by donating $50 
and more to MUJERES we will deliver a certificate to the woman you wish to 
honor letting her know how this project benefits survivors of domestic 
  2. This project is valuable to our supporters because 
they will be able to honor a woman by financially supporting many more women.
  3. We want to join Women’s International Day movement
 by providing a platform where you are able to honor a woman in more ways than
 we can count.




Gloria Romero

To an amazing, strong, and lovable woman! I honor and cherish you everyday!


Andrea Plaza

So honored to recognize all of the women who have inspired and guided me throughout my life, and thankful for the commitment and hard work of Enlace to create immigrant women leaders in our community!


Angela T. Tanzy

To Angie, my sister who is without fail, a supportive and loving mother of two wonderful daughters and grandmother of her sweet grandchildren.


Esperanza S. Telles

Para una mujer que ha dado tanto a sus hijos y continua ser un gran apoyo para sus nietos y bis-nietos. Con todo amor y abrazo fuerte. Su hija, Patricia


Lynn Trojahn

I stand by Enlace and the women they serve and support on this special day, International Women's Day!


Pauline Lucero


Penny Holland


Carol Pierce


Aceves Javier


George L Bach Jr


Michael Quanci

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