After quarantine, let’s play baseball !

Our vulnerable childhood is also going through a pandemic, donate to play baseball, Make their dreams come true!


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Currently the entire world is going through a pandemic that has led us to reflect on all the actions that we carry out and those that we cannot carry out because we are limited to taking care of our health, but after the pandemic, what will happen?

Fundación Healy has a project that fills us with pride “Academia de Beisbol Infantil y Juvenil”. Here we give children between 5-15 years old from vulnerable communities the opportunity to practice baseball at no cost; They are provided with transportation, hydration, sports equipment, uniforms, professional trainers, quality facilities, a healthy snack, nutrition and values ​​classes, the only commitment is to attend twice a week to practice this beautiful sport.

Currently the allocated budget can benefit 60 boys and girls, so we are looking to expand this number and have a greater impact on children, we want to involve 11 children who may have the opportunity to become physically active and complement it with learning how to eat and the importance of values ​​in our lives.

So after quarantine, you can make more kids play baseball.

When starting this project, a sanitation protocol is implemented to minimize health risk in children; likewise when practicing baseball a healthy distance is maintained.
We want to share the testimony of a mother who takes her children to practice baseball, a success story that happened in 2019:

“I am Regina, mother of Humberto and Regina. I want to thank the opportunity they gave my children to train baseball in Liga Fundacion, because it has been very helpful for them to be busy on weekends, especially my daughter who is a girl with a intellectual disability and attention deficit, and although at first I was afraid to let her go, and jump in the bus that took them to training, I decided to let her go and I do not regret it, on the contrary, it has served her well to live with other children their age and being accepted by their peers and teachers, despite her limitations. I see my children very happy, they were looking forward going to practice and they always did it with pleasure, I hope soon training will resume to continue taking them, especially Regina, who in few things feels as happy as in practice, because she has the patience that she needs in order to learn, thanks for making this possible. “

So after quarantine, you can inspire more kids to play baseball, you can help us fulfil their dreams!

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Hemos recibido nuestras primeras donaciones, ¡gracias por que con su aportación estamos avanzando para pintar sonrisas!

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Hemos recibido nuestras primeras donaciones, ¡gracias por que con su aportación estamos avanzando para pintar sonrisas!

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Silvia Loera de Healy

Felicidades por tan noble labor, mucho éxito para lograr la meta y hacer felices a estos niños que aman el deporte.


María de los Ángeles

Éxito, sumemonos todos a pintar sonrisas en los niños!


Carmen Peralta

Deseo que lleguen a la meta ♥️


Viridiana pavlovich

Éxito, dios bendiga este proyecto 🙏🤗



Excelente iniciativa para fomentar deporte y sembrar futuros grandes talentos Sonorenses. Orgulloso de poner un granito de arena.


Roberto Lopez



Vianney Contreras

Mucho éxito



Éxito, que lleguen a su meta!


Galilea Hernandez Vilches

Es un deporte muy bonito y con gusto apoyo a los niños y jóvenes!



I always donate to my own institution, the place where I work, so I stand by every project of ours.


Francisco Gamez




Nery Retes

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