Never Stop believing

Changing the economic situation of women in El Refugio and San Antonio Copalar, Chiapas

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Economic Development

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Never Stop Beliving


-“Our dreams are to have an oven to make bread to help our families, and know that as a woman we can do it” –says Rosa, who has two children and is pregnant.

Never Stop believing, is a campaign that seeks for people with a big heart like you, to support women who live in vulnerable communities located south of Chiapas, to improve their economic situation through labor projects

The families located in this area and in this communities live in extreme poverty, the income barely reaches $300.00 pesos per week

Today you can support this Project made by women, and help the situation of their families and most importantly, make them feel that they can 

What will we do with your help?

  • Finance the construction of a Bread oven, which will employ women from
    communities located south of Chiapas.
  • Support the purchase of materials so that they can make handicrafts such as bags, hammocks blouses, necklaces and girdles.
  • Training for planting and selling vegetables


Remember that your support can break the
circle of poverty and provide a better quality of life for their families and


As Nonprofit organization our purpose is to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 


Our impact is more than 400 families from vulnerable communities. REDUCTION OF INEQUALITIES, We promote social businesses run by women.

Who we are

Children all over the world are growing up without the care, protection and guidance they need. SOS Children’s Villages is there, working with children, young people and families to tackle this global issue on a local level.

We work to keep families together, provide alternative care when needed, support young people on their path to independence, and advocate for the rights of children. Together with donors, partners, communities and governments, we lay the foundations for a brighter future.

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Gracias por su gran trabajo, es un gusto colaborar :)

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