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Reducing the fear that kidney disease originates. When a chronic disease come to your life, the first thing you experience is fear, especially when you are poor .

Galilea 2000 A.C.

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Our story

This project seeks to support 15 kidney patients who are in a situation of extreme poverty and do not have the resources to solve this very costly disease in money and forces. The problem is exacerbated because our beneficiaries do not live in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, but in surrounding towns or villages, leaving their family, their home and work and having to spend on transportation. Many of them spend months housed dialyzed. Because of their poverty, whether they are in their place of origin, can lose appointments because they do not have the resources for transportation or fail to purchase their medications due to their high cost, who have to take for life and are indispensable to continue living. The resources obtained for this project will help not to stop getting the care they need and improve their quality of life.

Why it matters?

If these people do not receive extra support for their treatment, they die. Supporting them helps to give them a chance to realize their dreams, to have a better quality of life. With this resource they can turn to their medical appointments without fail because they had the means of transport to travel; they can take that vital medicine require lifelong; they learn the best way to feed and nurture them and their families to prevent future diseases. 15 patients are being monitored to compare their physical and emotional evolution since the beginning of the project, generating valuable information at the level of social impact.

How will the funds be used?

Requested departure will allocate $60,000.00 mexican pesos to support 15 kidney patients drugs, and $40,000.00 mexican pesos, for transportation to and from their place of origin. These 15 patients have a face, a family somewhere in our Mexico, some emotional and physical needs like you and me. Galilee 2000 make a joint venture to offer regarding special polymer feed for renal patients and emotions management workshops so that they can live more fully, even in the painful circumstances through which they pass. They will be 15 lucky ones who receive the gift of life opportunity, because they lack the resources to survive kidney disease.

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The team

Montserrat Casillas Bravo

Consultora y capacitadora en Desarrollo Humano. Cuatro años en Desarrollo Institucional en Galilea 2000 A.C. Departamento de Imagen y desarrollo de proyectos y programas.

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