No Legal Boundaries

Help Venezuelan migrants to know their rights, reduce the legal barriers, and to address their unmet legal needs.

Fundación ProBono Colombia

Migrant Communities

Our story

Most migrants arrive in the country and must face several legal barriers that impede their stabilization, so new questions arise such as the regulation of their immigration status, access to health services, education, and work. That is why we created “No Legal Boundaries,” a project to empower Venezuelan migrants on their legal needs so that they can understand their rights and duties in national legislation.


Through this project, we will offer free legal workshops, brigades, legal handbooks, and high-quality legal assistance, in Cúcuta, Medellín and Bogotá, where there is a massive influx of Venezuelans who require legal advice.

The workshops are executed by pro bono lawyers who are experts in the topics that will be taught. These workshops seek to contextualize, deepen and provide tools for knowledge of rights and legal mechanisms to make them valid, in order to empower the population in access to justice. Additionally, handbooks about the rights of migrants will be distributed, which are intended to disseminate the content of these workshops to a greater number of migrant population and not only to the assistants of each workshop.

We already have a network of the best volunteer lawyers. We only need your contribution!

With your help, we will execute this project, in which we will empower approximately one thousand (1,000) Venezuelan migrants in their rights and duties, and we will address their legal needs with the cooperation of the best lawyers in the country.  

With your help, these people will be able to regularize their immigration status and access to basic health, education, and work services!


We have 10 years providing high-quality legal assistance to people in vulnerable conditions!

Access to justice is considered as a fundamental right and as an essential public service in Colombia. Nevertheless, access to justice in the country is limited because of the existence of obstacles such as lack of economic resources, geographical location, post-conflict circumstances, and ignorance of their rights and duties.

Fundación ProBono Colombia has contributed to the reduction of these barriers by providing pro bono legal services to the most vulnerable and underserved populations with the collaboration of law firms which add a network of 1,500 volunteer lawyers.

The team that will make this project a reality is: 

  1. Alejandra Galvez: Project Coordinator, a lawyer with a high sense of social responsibility and the struggle for human rights.
  2. David Cujar: Strategic litigation coordinator, lawyer interested in protecting the rights of disadvantaged communities. He has actively participated in projects with a vulnerable population, such as migrants, victims of armed conflict, people with disabilities, indigenous communities, Afro-descendants, among others.

Join us in this project to continue providing legal assistance to vulnerable people who need our services!






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