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Education builds a future. Help us empower teens to make informed decisions about their sexual health.

Asociación Sakombal Pokon (ASOSAP)

Children and Youth

Our story

The project, NO MORE Teen Moms, will empower especially young women in making responsible decisions about their sexual health so that they can build a future for themselves and live out their dreams.   

Education will be given to young women and men (ages 14-19), as they are the most vulnerable.  They also will receive medical care for varying illnesses and have access to contraception. For teens who are pregnant, they will be monitored medically and given all the care needed.  

Parents have a vital role in the formation of their children, therefore education will be done with them also. The goal is that they would be informed and capable of guiding their children. Without this parental supportive, these youths are at a higher risk of making poor decisions that will then affect their whole future.  

Importance of Project

Imagine you are a 14-year-old girl from a remote village. You live in extreme poverty, but you have desires to continue studying. Your parents do not have the money and do not put importance on studying. So you stop school in 6th grade. A young man comes to your parents, asking to take you as his “wife”. Your parents were “married” young and have 12 children. This is normal to them, so they agree. Your parents did not receive sexual health education, so neither do you. You didn’t want to becom pregnant at 14, but the same as your mom, here you are expecting your first child at 14. This is a true story of a young woman from one of the communities we work with. It happens way too often. 

This is why this project matters. An unplanned pregnancy cuts short education, hopes, dreams, and plans for a better future. They quickly have to take on adult responsibilities, such as being a mother or father, without having the maturity and resources to do so. The momentum that they could have had in their life is stopped.


Project Objectives

  • Educate youth (ages 14-19) that the decisions they make today will affect their future
  • Empower youth to make good decisions and set goals for the future
  • Decrease the number of teen pregnancies in the local areas that we work
  • Promote the importance of preventing teen pregnancies
  • Encourage parents to allow and motivate their adolescents to start dreaming and planning for the future  

Project Impact

  • Teens and parents will be informed about various sexual health topics
  • Provision of education with cultural context 
  • Reduction of teen pregnancies
  • Youth will continue with their school education
  • At-risk youth/ pregnant young women will receive high-quality medical care

Your donations will allow us to provide:

  • Educational workshops about responsible sexual health for approximately 450 youth, (there will be 6 education sessions, 1 at each school of the 6 schools, serving 6 rural communities
  • Educational workshops for their parents; parents will become informed and better prepared to support and guide their teens    
  • Access to medical attention and contraception; the health care is provided by ASOSAP nurses who give this care in the patient’s language and cultural context
  • Comprehensive care for pregnant teens

Organization History

ASOSAP is a legally established non-profit organization in San Cristobal Verapaz, Guatemala. It is made up of Pokomchí staff who have been the fruit of empowerment, through education and mentoring. Since 2004, ASOSAP has been empowering the indigenous Pokomchí population who live in remote rural areas. Through creating partnerships with communities, we gain their trust and they become open to education and health care. This education is done with the women and men, in order to influence change in the behavior of male chauvinism that is widespread. ASOSAP promotes gender equality, through instilling in women that they have value, just as the men in their communities.

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