Providing Refuge for Children in Guatemala

Bringing dignity and care for the children of Guatemala City’s Zona 3 garbage dump. 



U.S. Army of God Ministries


Our story

In Guatemala City, hundreds of children and their families spend their days rummaging through other people’s leftovers in one of the world’s biggest open air garbage dumps located in Zona 3.  It is a level of poverty that is hard to imagine.  Working long hours every day, exposed to dirt and disease, and facing the uncertainty of not knowing where your next meal is going to come from.  What’s more, they are unable to attend school and so any means of improvement and escape are inaccessible to them. The vicious cycle of poverty will go on.

At US Army of God we are convinced that no child should live like an animal. No child should have to live and work on the streets and the garbage dumps.

We’re working closely with our team in Guatemala City, led by Pastor Adolfo Fong Luna on our newest project, “The Oasis Refuge House”, a safe space that up to 50 children aged 5 to 13 will call home.

Yet, while we work hard to advance that project, the children all around us have more immediate needs: food, clothing for the winter, and someone to give them hope for the future.


Will you be the person that brings hope to these children?

Help us raise $2,500 this Christmas to continue our work on the ground in Guatemala City. We will bring coats, warm clothes and food packages to orphans, children separated from their families and  families with young children living in and around the garbage dump. By being a constant source of help and aid, we provide immediate humanitarian assistance, but also build trust and relationships that will help us carry out our work alongside this community in the long term.

Every dollar you give will help a child in Guatemala today and enable us to continue our long term vision of providing a safe space for them to grow and learn, away from the dangers of the garbage dump.


About US Army of God

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that feels and has the self-imposed need to help the most marginalized and needy in our communities. Our motto is “Where there is passion and compassion, there will always be a heart for community service.”

We carry out our voluntary work in the US serving four main groups of people:

  1. Children and young people who are victims of abuse
  2. The elderly in care
  3. Homeless people living on the streets
  4. Families living in poverty

Our work in Guatemala brings us one step closer to serving people in need  in other countries.