One Meal for a Child’s Education

1,810 children in Venezuela stay at school thanks to our meals. Together we can do more.

Friends of the Children of Venezuela

Our story

Today, in Venezuela, 87% of the population live under poverty and 60% under extreme poverty. School dropout is +50% in low-income areas. Students & teachers don’t attend regularly or go hungry. The first cause of this desertion is the shortage of food (Food scarcity affects 9 out of 10 households), its high costs, the long queues to obtain it, etc. Moreover, 90% of schools do not have the Student Feeding Program (PAE) normally provided by the government.

Submerged in a “Complex Humanitarian Emergency” as defined by the United Nations, Venezuela is losing a generation.

Through our local foundation, ALIMENTANDO FUTUROS, and its daily balanced meals school dropout fell to 3% and today, 1,810 children and teachers have an incentive to attend school and the opportunity for a better future. Yet we need to secure these meals as Venezuela’s economy continues worsening, with inflation of 1,800,000% (projected to 10,000,000% for 2019) and currency devaluation of 45% that drains our funds and jeopardizes both the opening of more meal programs and our existing ones.


Your contribution to sponsor a child will ensure his/her daily nourishment while at school and contribute to their long term development by encouraging their attendance and success in their education.

  • $8 can provide a child with a daily meal for a month.
  • $80 will secure an entire school year for a child.

100% of the funds collected go to the acquisition of the food that is needed to prepare this balanced meal defined by a nutritionist and which includes the 4 basic food groups: proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Volunteers from the community prepare and cook these meals, while they work very closely with and under the supervision of the School Principal and Alimentando Futuros.


You can help us keep our 1,810 underprivileged children and teachers at school or you can help us open more meal programs at many more schools in low-income areas still suffering from school abandonment rates of 50% and with attending students and teachers going hungry.

Either way, together, we can keep or reduce dropout rates to 3% or lower by providing a daily meal as an incentive to attend school and the opportunity for a better future.