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Our mission is to strengthen the integral development of early childhood in Guatemala.

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A country is doomed to failure if it is unable to take good care of its children.

It is a fact. In Guatemala, only 1% of children aged under 3 years old have access to early stimulation services, and only half of them have access to preschool education. Guatemala ranks 1st country in Latin América in child malnutrition. And one in two children suffers from chronic malnutrition in our country. 57% of our rural population lives in extreme poverty. And despite having a law that protects Guatemalan women to lead healthy motherhood, 4 women die daily due to causes related to pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum difficulties.

Idea Global is a group of Guatemalan women that since 2014 have been working together within 15 communities. 

We work with more than 220 children and 187 mothers with the mission of developing healthy children with their mothers through a proven system focused on early stimulation, emotional well-being, and nutrition. With hard work and serious commitment, we have worked to eradicate anemia and raise the growth curve of our children. Cognitive and emotional development has been improved in 96% of our communities. Thus achieving a small step towards the optimal growth and development of Guatemalan children. How to start?

How can you contribute to a better future for our children, starting today?  

Magdalena is one of the 5 most vulnerable communities in the department of Sacatepequez, where its population of newborns, boys, and girls under 5 are affected by chronic malnutrition, poor access to early stimulation and zero support for women during the process of his motherhood. Idea Global goal is to empower women, provide access to balanced nutrition and provide tools to develop a healthy socio-emotional environment for this community and its people.

13 boys and 17 girls. 24 moms. They are the ones who will benefit from daily supplementary drink, weekly sessions of early stimulation and workshops focused on personal enrichment, self-esteem and education for women. And you, want to join the change?

How can you help?

For every “click” you make, for every “share” you give, for every donation you make, you help to realize our purpose. Time is running and the future of our childhood is TODAY!





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