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Our set of games is ready! Now we need your help to bring it to thousands of children.

Observa, Observatorio de Intervenciones sobre Violencia A.C.

Violence Prevention

Our story

We all want a more peaceful and harmonious Mexico, but how can we build it? At Observa we are convinced that peace starts with children. That’s why we created a very special briefcase: it’s a kit of games, stories and activities that make it easier for children aged 6 to 12 to learn to coexist in a culture of peace.


Mexico City and the State of Mexico have schools with high levels of marginalization, mostly migrants from indigenous areas and regions with extreme poverty levels that force their families out of their regions. The coexistence of these children from complex social conditions and from different regions of the country or even from other countries, makes school coexistence very complex, which represents a challenge for teachers who need tools to resolve conflicts and improve the quality of life of nests in schools. Having safe and peaceful spaces ensures that these children can improve their school performance and transform their lives and learn to live in peace.


How can you help us?

The good news is that the briefcase is already created, in fact we have 3000 cases ready!

However, now we need your support to ensure that the briefcases arrive at their destination: public schools in marginalized areas of Mexico City and the State of Mexico and Casas Hogar where thousands of children will use them daily. In addition, we must ensure that teachers are trained to so that they get the best possible use of the materials, for which we will give workshops in 1,500 schools.

With your contribution we can take 3,000 cases to 1,500 schools and houses home, as well as holding workshops for teachers in the use of these tools in the classroom to resolve conflicts and improve coexistence between children

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About us

Observa Mexico A.C. is a Civil Association with 5 years of experience in the development of Culture of Peace programs in Mexico. We have taken our programs to more than 12,000 people among teachers, students, Houses Home and public in general.



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