Plan País 2020 – Ten Year Anniversary

Inspire and empower Venezuelan youth in their search for a better society, through knowledge, talent and ideas.

Plan Pais Inc.


Our story

Venezuela faces a social, economic, and political crisis without precedent in the Americas – a humanitarian crisis in every sense of the word.

The collapse of Venezuelan society has led to the exodus of nearly five million Venezuelans from across the socioeconomic spectrum and has accelerated a brain drain of young Venezuelan talent from the country. Overcoming Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis and ensuring its reconstruction will likely represent one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century for Venezuelans, as well as for the hemisphere and the ally countries across the world.


More than ever before, Venezuelans must harness the talent of its diaspora and international allies and execute high-impact initiatives in their communities, both in Venezuela and abroad.

With that bold challenge in mind, a group of Venezuelan students and professionals in the United States have committed themselves to empowering and inspiring the Venezuelan youth in their search for a better society by means of an educational services non-profit organization – Plan País.


What can we achieve together?

Plan País provides the Venezuelan youth abroad with a platform for the exchange of ideas, talent and knowledge. The organization was founded in 2010 at Yale University by three Venezuelan students who recognized the need for academic spaces where young Venezuelans in the United States could debate the most pressing challenges facing  Venezuela, in order to contribute to the creation of a long-term vision for the country.

Since organizing the first national conference for Venezuelan students abroad in the spring of 2011, Plan País has grown into the premier platform for connecting and educating the Venezuelan youth abroad.

In our events, we:

  1. Create awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela;
  2. Debate the most pressing social, economic, and institutional challenges facing Venezuela;
  3. Exchange innovative ideas for the future of Venezuelan society; and
  4. Offer a network of Venezuelan individuals and organizations leading high-impact initiatives in Venezuela and abroad.


Help us prepare the new generation to reconstruct Venezuela

We have an ambitious schedule for early 2020, including the launch of the Plan País Connect platform and the tenth annual conference to be held in Houston, TX on March 27-28, 2020 at the University of Houston.

For this ten-year anniversary conference, we will continue to deliver a high-quality conference to maintain the engagement and connection of the Venezuelan youth abroad with the country, and prepare this new generation to reconstruct Venezuela.

Your support will contribute directly to this work. Any donation will go a long way in helping us advance our mission and build the foundations for our next phase. 


About Plan Pais

Plan País is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has worked with student organizations in universities across the United States to organize nine national conferences that have gathered more than 1,500 Venezuelan students and professionals, as well as nearly 100 experts in fields that span economic, social, and institutional dimensions.

Earlier this year, we began an international expansion in order to serve countries with large Venezuelan populations and held its first international conference on November 15 – 16 at The Paris Institute of Political Studies (“Sciences Po”) in Paris, France.

Notably, Plan País maintains a strictly non-partisan stance and actively seeks to integrate a wide range of ideologies and partisan affiliations, while remaining firmly committed to a democratic Venezuela that respects human rights, freedom of opportunity, and the rule of law.

No other organization in the Americas or Europe has managed to create such a robust network of Venezuelan experts, non-profit organizations, and students and young professionals as the one that Plan País has constructed over the past decade.

 For further information please contact [email protected].



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