Planting a future for the environment with Salvadoran farmers

help the farmers of El Salvador to take care of the environment, having a sustainable agricultural production

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Our story

As Fundación Iris-Partners El Salvador we seek with the following project to contribute to the increase of food security of many families depending on agriculture.

This year, El Salvador has been strongly affected by extreme droughts. The crop that has been mostly affected is the corn. Due to the lack of water and the deterioration of the soil, retaining less moisture, corn has been unable to be fully formed or even dried, leaving millions in loss. Although agriculture in El Salvador seems to be one of the industries in which people earn little money, efforts will focus on providing farmers with the knowledge to be able to technify, innovate and create agricultural methods resistant to events caused by water scarcity and climate change. The aim is to reach communities through socio-environmental dialogue and mediation. In order that the techniques implemented can be applied not only in agricultural issues but in other situations that may arise in the future.

As an organization we have the mission that the changes that are acquired can be passed from one community to another. To stay and grow including women, men, young and old people.

As a foundation, we focus on promoting peace and preventing conflicts through our intervention processes.

At a local level, we have observed and verified that problems related to the environment generates knowledge exchange. We know that El Salvador has much to offer and many opportunities for growth for all its inhabitants. We want Salvadorans to stop believing that the only opportunities they have are abroad.¡Knowing and taking care of the resources that the earth offers us, we expand our possibilities!


Our main goal is divided in three aspects:

KNOWLEDGE: Farmers will have the opportunity to learn new methods to mitigate the risks and losses in their crops, caused by climate change.

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION: through mutual organization and cooperation, young farmers will be able to respond to problems such as droughts or floods as a community.

FOOD SECURITY: with the construction of rainwater collectors (geomembrane deposits for rainwater) and dew, farmers will be able to receive water in extreme weather events and, therefore, save their crops.


How can you help us?

We need $10,000, since the project consists of building 8 rainwater geomembranes and 10 dew collectors for 4 communities of farmers in the municipality of Tecoluca (Canton of Potrerillo, Canton of La Calletana, Community of Nueva Tehuacán, Community of Monte Sinaí) .
An important part in the realization of this project will be to generate knowledge for the response to climate change through dialogue spaces and the creation of an early warning system for crops.


This is why the project it’s so important to us:

The municipality of Tecoluca has been severely affected by climate change.
The main problem faced by farmers every day is the lack of water, causing losses in their crops.
The Tehuacán Park spring has fallen from 9L / s to 0.1L / s in its water stream. Farmers do not know any kind of techniques or methods to mitigate the effects of climate change on their crops, causing food shortages.
As an organization we have worked on several projects always for the benefit of the community, we focus on practicing some dialogue techniques and we like to promote the importance of teamwork, Our main focus is Salvadorans, we bet on young people, by giving them the necessary knowledge, so they can continue to develop the community.


This is our execution plan:

  1. Strategic installation of rainwater collection system and dew.
  2. Systems designs.
  3. Meetings with farmers for the development of a committee and its organization.
  4. Development of workshops.
  5. Creation of an early warning instrument.


This is what we hope to achieve with your help:

  • 8 rainwater collectors and 10 dew collectors, with which it is intended to supply water to crops (corn and beans).
  • Agricultural committee in response to extreme weather events.
  • System of early warning in response to extreme climates.


If you want to know more about this project or any other projects that we have as an organization, you can visit our FB page and our official site:



¡Te invitamos a que visites nuestra página de Facebook! Así podrás ver un poco de lo que hacemos[0]=68.ARCjPkJXJx0VpSp_OdYWPy-QBhmdNlZf_66BPbfpE0sZw9hRvCovv9tj-CqoFU5_ukKcVJ3xRH1gg8E_10BXbI5rZuQZILJwsoZf_DQ-PUEmYiXGzYzeLMjRSG9xoCXCQuvoBT_J43MDvNVcGLSDOU96Zoiya1XsTkUwVlCOW6Zhjy3gq6XzsJdM76KdNg1pTxKLKJYBGHGoS6mRPpoDBo2lZGozdvnyg50MoXygTZjt2w47BVvDCvdJJ_uwEGulYbSpZc27gKnrnsycJBh9bmQORIbJ2ma0wNQIWwGcBKKDgk9-r9UxdKoLOopdNeBzUQDxB6OiDwaW-vjmQYIPZDfEzw

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Dialogue and collaboration are very important parts of Community Action. Congratulations. As a retired Environmental Lawyer from Australia I extend my best wishes to you for your future efforts.


Luis Gomez Chow

Mucho exito! Estoy seguro que la intervencion tecnica, asi como el fortalecimiento de las habilidades para el dialogo, la colaboracion y la articulacion les sera de gran utilidad a las comunidades.

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