Planting the Seeds of Education to Harvest a Brighter Future

Providing access to education breaks the cycle of poverty creates a brighter future for the children of Casa Guatemala

Fundacion Casa Guatemala


Our story

Casa Guatemala is reaching out to the most vulnerable families in over 30 isolated Mayan communities to give them the opportunity for their children to learn and grow in a safe and healthy environment. Every year, over 200 children benefit from the education, nutrition and health care services Casa Guatemala provides. Our project is a free boarding school that allows children to live onsite where they receive their education from pre-kinder through grade six; three healthy meals and two snacks a day; and free health care from our onsite clinic

Our goal for the Guatemalan Giving Challenge is to raise $5600 for our education program, which is the cost to sponsor a class for a full year. We want our Guatemalan supporters to get involved and be the change they want to see in the world, and in our country! Whether is it $5, $50 or $500, we can all contribute to making this campaign a success!

Casa Guatemala knows that by providing these vital services, we are changing the outcome for these children and breaking the cycles of poverty that have kept their families from thriving for generations. Our dedicated staff and volunteers live onsite with the children 24 hours a day. Our trained and certified teachers work in and out of the classroom to provide a hands-on learning experience that prepares our students for continued excellence throughout their educational journey.

In rural Guatemala, only 30% of children finish the sixth grade. Over 45% of all children in Guatemala under the age of 5 are chronically malnourished. And from 2009 though 2017 over 30,000 pregnancies where reported in girls aged 10 though 14. These statistics are staggering and need to change. We are making that change.

Why it matters:


Casa Guatemala has over 40 years of experience in providing education, nutrition and health care to the most vulnerable children in the country. This hard work has resulted in thousands of young people joining the workforce as responsible citizens and loving parents. We measure our impact by the number of children who successfully graduate from our program and continue on to higher levels of education. In the last 5 years, Casa Guatemala has seen 100% of our students continue on to middle school and high school.

In a time when we see more and more families fleeing Guatemala due to a lack of opportunity, food or education, Casa Guatemala is providing a safe and secure alternative for families to stay in Guatemala and still be able to provide their children with the tools needed for a brighter future. If we don’t want to see children suffering in cages at the US border, we need to make sure that these families have access to education, nutrition and health care for their children at home, and that is why Casa Guatemala is so important. You can be a part of the solution by donating to our campaign!

Potential Challenges:


We decided to set the goal of $5600 as that is what it costs to pay one of our teachers for one year. At Casa Guatemala we have 14 full time teachers in our school; 4 teachers who work as house parents to the children who live onsite; as well as our school principal and project director. As you can imagine, the monthly expenses for the education program are the highest and also the most crucial as our work just would not be possible if it wasn’t for the dedicated professionals who teach, inspire and love the children in our care as if they were their very own.

We are confident we will reach our goal for this campaign but if we don’t, all of the funds raised will go towards our education program and the salaries of our talented teachers. But we hope to surpass our goal and fund even more of our education program thanks to the #GuatemalanGivingChallenge!

We will be rewarding our donors with fun perks which you can read about below! We want you to feel like you are part of our Casa Guatemala family! That you are really making an impact no matter how big or small your donation is! Because you really are! We can’t do any of this without YOU! Your support is what keeps us going and allows the kids in our care to change the world!

There are plenty of other ways to help to! Please be sure to share our campaign with your friends and family via email and social media! Tell your contacts why you believe in Casa Guatemala and be our ambassador! You will be amazed how much your donation will inspire others to give too! Challenge your coworkers, family members, friends and loved ones to get involved and help us to grow our Casa Guatemala Family! We are incredibly grateful for your support!



Ya empezamos y ya va llegando las donaciones! Puedes ver nuestro nuevo video aquí!
Por favor sigue apoyando porque por cada donación, tenemos el chance de ganar $5000 gracias al Fundación Tigo!

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Salma B.

Algunos piensan que venimos a este mundo por el simple hecho de vivir y gozar y pasarla bien. Pero la vida no se trata de vosotros o yo o mi problema. Se trata de hacer el bien en este mundo ayudar de cualquier forma; una palabra linda, una sonrisa, un abrazo, etc. todos serán consideraos como donaciones y ayuda a cualquier causa. Y en el debido momento que no se pueda hacer ninguno de lo mencionado, simplemente; no hacer el mal. Eso nos llevará muy lejos como seres humanos porque sin importancia a la cultura, la raza, el color, religion, y solo mirando el dolor que en algún momento de la vida podría ser uno mismo; lo hace pensar profundamente en las cosas que uno pudo haber hecho antes. Con mucho amor, y que Dios los bendiga a todos los niños a los que están haciendo esto posible y más que todo a los que comparten esto porque centavo por centavo se acumularán con el favor de Dios! Bendiciones


Fam. Alonzo

Gracias Casa Guatemala


Humaira Ghilzai

We are heading to Rio Dulce tomorrow for our volunteer effort in Casa Guatemala.


Humaira Ghilzai

We love Casa Guatemala


Heather guatemala..Rio dulce..

Hey wishes to you and casa guatemala..such a worthwhile to all the ninos..they are can share this note..


Sofia Morris

I’m so happy to have volunteered at Casa Guatemala for the past four years, since I was 13. I’m honored to be part of this organization.


Omar Barghouti

Every change starts within ourselves, Near of far, we can help!




Chuck Donahue


Chuck Donahue


Juan Carlos Carrillo Pelaez



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