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The lack of spaces for artistic and social development for children, young people, men and women of the Amates community, is a factor that influences the daily life of adolescents and youth in the community, especially women since the spaces Participation with those who are counted are limited, this causes us that young people are at risk of forced recruitment by illicit groups, sexual harassment in women and girls by the patriarchal culture, high number of school dropouts related to the situation of violence, Therefore, it is necessary to improve the existing community spaces in the community and turn them into a community-based protection environment.

With the funds collected we seek to transform and strengthen artistic capabilities through the Music of 30 adolescents and young people at risk of forced recruitment or domestic violence in rural areas, especially women, who will be provided the opportunity to integrate into the COMMUNITY MUSICAL BAND LOS AMATES (being this one of the few spaces for adolescents and young people), which will strengthen the cultural environment of the community and favoring the social integration of young people and also seeks to strengthen the relationship of young people with the community by music as the collective musical practice generates a sense of belonging since music is present in daily life and in some cases reinforces social values ​​because young people associate music as fun enjoyment and entertainment. Therefore, in this Campaign WE DREAM TO COLLECT $ 1,500 DOLLARS which will allow us to repair some musical instruments, hiring a ½ time musical instructor and costumes for the participants so that they can perform their presentations in the different cultural spaces of the Department of Liberty, El Salvador.

AJUCLAM, (Los Amates Canton Youth Association), is a group of young people from the community who work voluntarily in different actions aimed at adolescents and young people as social skills workshops in the school, we promote a scholarship program, and promoting spaces for young people for violence prevention. This is possible thanks to the funds that are raised through raffles, or donations of people through direct sponsorship to young people, among others.




la música es el arte que transforma la manera de pensar

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