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Help us spread the work of Venezuelan migrant artists, thus facilitating integration into the community!

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Hi! With great joy we invite you to participate in the preparations and realization of Macundales 2019, Itinerant Art of Venezuela: a festival to honor Mexico with a sample of Venezuelan Arts and Culture, which in its first edition takes place in Mexico City, with a complete program from Friday 6 to Sunday, December 8, 2019, at the facilities of the Sebastián, AC Foundation

During this week of events, you will live a celebration with more than 35 Venezuelan artistic talents based in Mexico from different artistic disciplines (visual arts, music, dance, theater, cinema and literature) to celebrate our host country and its people who have received us with approval and generosity.

Festival Macundales 2019 is a non-profit initiative, sponsored by the Sebastián A.C. Foundation in this first edition, and starting in Mexico City seeking to achieve an exponential effect and reach other cities by 2020.

The Venezuelan word “Macundales” suggests suitcases and luggage emigrate; as well as the courage, strength, and resilience that all transformation entails.

For those of us who promote Macundales 2019, Itinerant Art of Venezuela we are convinced that the best tool for the construction of the social fabric of humanity is achieved through education through Art, an amazing product that emerges directly from the heart of the human being.

Our aspiration is that the promotion and dissemination of the work of Venezuelan emigrant artists contribute to fraternal dialogue, to facilitate the integration processes with the Mexican community and the entire world. Exalting the values ​​of Identity, Inclusion and Equality.

The first allies to celebrate and join our initiative have been Fundación Sebastián A.C. and the UN International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Our greatest desire is your participation in this initiative in which we can all be part of making alliances.

Help us to make this Art and Culture initiative that unites people possible.

People like you, who recognize art and even more recognize each Venezuelan who has struggled to improve, will make a difference today, with a donation that will be a key piece of this initiative.

To make this initiative a beautiful reality, donate today from $ 250 Mexican pesos.

We are already grateful for your donation, and we are waiting for you to share and enjoy the Sebastián, A.C. Foundation. (Av. Patriotismo 304, San Pedro de Los Pinos, Benito Juárez, CP 03800, Mexico City, CDMX. Near Metro San Pedro de Los Pinos and C.C. Metropolis Patriotismo).

In Mexico, Venezuelans learned to say “My house is your house”.
Thanks for your generosity!
Come and share with us! … Spread the word!






William Nazaret

Posiblemente el único espacio para celebrar nuestra navidad cálida y linda con nuestros hermanos mexicanos que nos han recibido en su casa !


Luis Augusto Colmenares Gilly




Excelente iniciativa!




Magaly Saavedra



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