Program of prevention of domestic violence for vulnerable families

Childhood education thrives when raised in a loving family

renacseniv (red nacional al servicio de la niñez venezolana)


Our story

The generalized shortage in Venezuela of food, medicines, gasoline, domestic gas, electricity, decrease of public transport, generate in the population anxiety, frustration, general emotional states of tension that originate within the families state of aggression that subverts the daily values of coexistence. The presence of children, adolescents and entire families has increased, looking for something to eat in the middle of the trash, as well as the theft of food in the places of supply. All this atmosphere of shortage generates conflict and violence in family life, as in the case of a mother who burned the hands of her daughter for taking the bottle of the baby or another who burned the lips of a child by eating during the night the little food saved by the family. Within this context, it is not strange that in 2017 it was reported that one in three fatal victims of violence are young people between 18 and 24 years old and 60% of those who suffer death aggressions in Venezuela include ages between 12 and 29 years, it can also be noted that 500 thousand reports of gender violence have been reported during 2018. It is imperative that the formation of biblical values within the family context where the germ of all this culture of violence, death and daily mourning resides.

General Objective: Sponsor vulnerable families committed to receiving formation of family values with biblical criteria

Specific Objectives:

  1. Train 288 teachers (8 of each of the 36 Churches) and print 995 project brochures for training in biblical values of the family,
  2. Assist 2235 Children, Adolescents and 162 Adults , once a week, sponsor 989 families

How will we put your donations in action?

  • Printing materials with lessons on biblical family values…..3993 dollars
  • Train 288 teachers (8 from each of the 36 churches)…..800 dollars
  • Serve 2235 children, adolescents and 162 adults, once a week..1000d ollars.
  • Follow-up meeting with project leaders by Church….207 dollars.


Why it matters: The first six months of the year the program has been implemented and has impacted 755 children and adolescents, 333 families and 165 adults. Once the goals of the projects have been achieved, we can triple all the mentioned amounts.



Yacint Franco

Gran labor la que hace Renacseniv desde hace años. Fortaleza para la gran labor que tienen por delante y oremos por qué Dios esté presente en cada hogar venezolano. Un abrazo a tod@s.


Amanda Doerhoff

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