Bring the joy of reading to a public elementary school in the outskirts of Mexico City

Our dream is to create a place for children to become active and enthusiastic readers, with the participation of all the school community: A school library that promotes the love of reading.



In Chalco, Estado de México, in the outskirts of Mexico City, the majority of its inhabitants are from a low income economic level and have poor schooling. There are not many job opportunities, so parents must travel long distances into the City to work.

Almost 1000 children attend the elementary public school Ignacio Manuel Altamirano. It is  one of the few schools with prestige and hi demand in the area. Students participate annually in the “Olimpics of knowledge in math, history and science”. Obtaining very good results.

In September 2016, the school was included in Proeducación´s school support model, which offers schools training programs for teachers, human development courses for parents, and methodologies for the installation of computer labs and school libraries.

This project is part of Proeducación’s integral support model. The General objective is to enable a school library that will be integrated to the school life, including a reading program to promote reading abilities in students.

This will be achieved with the joint collaboration of the school community (school principal, teachers and parents that work in the reading committee, and students) and Proeducación.

The resources will be used to:

a) Transform an empty classroom into a full library: painting, illumination, and security. bookstands, cushions and mats.

b) Organize and increase the book collection. We  will look over the existing collection and increase it to 2500 books.

c) Computer equipment and software to manage the Library.

d) Training for teachers and parents committees on the use and maintenance of the school library.


Why it matters?

Education is a key component for children to obtain values and opportunities for the future. Reading is an essential component in Education. Through Reading children develop imagination and this helps the cognitive part of the brain. Reading is a way of aquiring knowledge on different subjects. It also helps in spelling and writing.

Through reading, children obtain knowledge. They learn how to investigate and search for answers. They begin to apply Research Methods which are essential on different fields.Reading also opens doors to new languages.

By providing a school with a library, we help create a space for investigation and concentration. Reading also reduces stress and anxiety allowing children to transport themselves to new places through their imagination.

How will the funds be used?

The resouces that we obtain will be destined to:

a) Rehabilitation of the space, painting,illumination and security.

b) The aquirement of books (due to the large school population we will need 2500 books approximately)

c) Computer equipment

d) bookstands

e) The school has chairs and tables but rugs and cushions will be needed.

f) Training for teachers on Library Management and reading enhancement.

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Jose Armando Arriaga Gu



Jose J Espinosa Martinez

Amor y buena suerte en su proyecto!


Elizabeth Landa Garcia

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Isabel T. Ludlow Saldivar






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Margarita Murga del Valle




Isabel T. Ludlow Saldivar


Monica M. del Valle M

Lupita Calleja

Lupita is in charge of coordinating all the programs that Proed offers in the school. She is a psychologist and has worked in Proed since 2011. She organizes working teams with teachers, students and parents and offers workshops on human development for parents and students.

Rocio Aguilar

Reading promoter

Rocío is in charge of reading promotion in the school. She engages with teachers, parents and children using a variety of reading, research, and creative writing techniques to make books and school library a core element for learning. She is a pedagogue and has worked with Proed since 2013.