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Help fund recovery efforts in poverty-stricken communities devastated by Hurricane María in Puerto Rico.

Proyecto Matria

Children and Youth

Our story

Proyecto Matria is a local community organization focused on helping victims of domestic violence and poverty in Puerto Rico. Due to the devastating effects of Hurricane María in Puerto Rico, and the extremely slow response of local and federal government agencies, we have established an emergency fund to provide basic supplies and food for our participants and devastated communities throughout the island. Some of our participants suffered partial or complete loss of their homes, so any help they can receive is critical.

The extreme devastation that Hurricane María caused in rural, low income communities was in large part due to the precarious conditions that existed before natural disaster struck. Given the urgent need to rebuild these communities in a solidary, resilient, self-sustaining way – and to prevent the recurrence of a similar tragedy- we are developing and proposing a community center model to give the residents the tools to initiate a sustainable and participative recovery process that will address poverty issues as well as the potential struck of another hurricane in a geographical area that has always been susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes.

We are working to supply the following services:

  • Community Kitchen: will provide hot meals and food to families that are in need-
  • Solidary School: serve as a classroom for children whose local public schools remain closed after the disaster. Also providing an alphabetization program for illiterate adults in the community.
  • Business Incubator: using Matria’s existing incubation model, and it could also include startup funding for the small businesses to start operating (this is subject to fund availability). It would also coordinate technical training so participants can develop the entrepreneurial skills required for the businesses.
  • Psycho-social services, along with prevention and intervention in situations of intrafamily violence.
  • Evaluation of damaged home structures to coordinate their reconstruction.

We are also trying to coordinate medical services so they can be integrated into the model


Please help us get our beautiful island and its people back on its feet. No amount is too small to help, and we would also appreciate if you shared this fundraiser with your social media contacts.

If you would like to receive further information, you can reach us at [email protected] and [email protected]


In solidarity,

Amárilis Pagán

Executive Director







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