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Changing the lives of adult learners by teaching them how to read, and write at any level in their native language.

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“When I was a child, my dreams of going to school were suddenly truncated,” recalled Beatriz, a recent El Centro Hispano “Plaza Comunitaria” adult education student, as she tearfully held her high school diploma. El Centro Hispano needs to raise $14,670 to help students like Beatriz to fulfill their dreams of learning how to read and write in Spanish, and earn their elementary, middle and high school diplomas. Your donation will support 35 students with scholarships, and provide funds to cover cost and purchase materials for one school year.

You can change the lives of many students like Beatriz, by supporting El Centro Hispano’s work. Help us give current and future adult learners second chance at life to advance themselves academically. With a changing Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill community and an evolving global economy, our students need a solid grasp of reading and writing to navigate through complex systems.

For 18 years, El Centro Hispano has offered adult education classes to help adult Spanish speaking students finish their elementary, middle and high school education. We currently have a waitlist of students who could benefit from the adult education classes but can’t afford to do so.

Help us overcome illiteracy! Having a solid grasp of literacy and numeracy is vital for our students’ everyday lives, to make informed decisions, and to interact with print material that can help them make informed decisions. The majority of our students did not finish school due to many obstacles, so we help them to complete school where they left off.

Last year we graduated 19 students – One student learned how to read and to write, 6 students received their elementary school diplomas, while 12 students received their high school diplomas.

As you grow, life throws obstacles your way. Many students like Beatriz, did not have the privilege to finish their formal education/schooling in their home countries. Now, our students will pursue higher-paying jobs, read to their children, and have more ease to navigate in systems that require reading fluency and number recognition.

El Centro Hispanic has been serving the Latino Triangle Area community for over 25 years. Located in both Durham and Orange Counties, we served over 47,500 people last year through our Health & Well-being, Community Engagement and Advocacy, Economic Development, and Education programs. Our Education department alone, served 908 adult and children learners.

Your donations will help fund students’ operational costs and scholarships during the academic year.

  • For $20, you can help a student receive necessary writing materials including notebooks,pens, and pencils.
  • For $30, you can help a student buy his or her HiSET book.
  • For $70 you help offset printing costs for one student during the whole academic year.
  • For $120 you will provide a materials scholarship for a student to pay printing cost, study materials, and book.
  • For $200, you can help fund the teacher for a week.
  • For $800 you can help fund the teacher for a month. (Teacher is assisted by volunteers.

If funding goals are not reached, El Centro Hispano will use the available money to cover as many scholarships as possible. To make up for the rest, students will have to pay out of pocket for their printing costs, their school supplies and their books.

After coming to our adult education classes, Beatriz explained that she can now help her children finish their elementary school homework. Not only has she mastered some concepts to support her children finish homework. She now uses her graduation story to motivate her children to study.

By donating to El Centro Hispano’s Adult Education Program, you are helping eternally change someone life. Through education, you are impacting someone’s ability to interact with the world.

Any donation is appreciated, however, if you can’t donate to El Centro Hispano at this time, please help us get the word out.  Share, Tweet, Post about El Centro Hispano.  Our adult student learners will forever thank you.




Thank you for your donation! Can you share our campaign and help us reach $500 today. Thanks.

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Beatriz says Thank You for supporting her in reaching her goal of getting her HiSet diploma.

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Love and appreciate the work El Centro does.


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We are helping immigrants to succeed!


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Gracias por el trabajo importante que hacen.




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