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Junior Achievement Honduras


Our story


Currently in the penitentiary centers of Honduras there are more than 1500 women, where most of them have no job opportunities at the end of their sentence and go free. Junior Achievement Honduras (JA Honduras) focus to provide entrepreneurship training and financial education to a group of women in the Women’s National Penitentiary for Social Adaptation, where each of them developed a business idea, presented an investment plan, so we analyzed the viability of each one to be able to distribute to all a percentage so that when they are released they could generate a venture that would allow them to get ahead to them and their family.

Our goal is to be able to collect $12.000 which will be invested as seed capital for the 23 ladies in the stage of pre-liberation to which they will be given a capital of $500 and the Social and Labor Reintegration Unit of the Penitentiary Institute will follow-up to their endeavor to ensure the success of the project.

Why It Matters

  • This project allows them to give these women a new opportunity and open the doors for them to be agents of change in their community and family.
  • We hope to benefit 115 short-term families and generate at least a minimum wage of L. 9.000 per month.
  •  It is valuable because investing in women is the best investment you can make because they first think about their family and then on themselves. The return on investment is higher and economically empowers the community.

Why Trust JA?

  • We are a Foundation audited annually by KPMG to transparent the use of the funds obtained.
  • We have an alliance with the private company and we are part of the Honduran Council of the Private Company.
  • We have a proven methodology.
  •  We are part of Junior Achievement Worldwide (JAWW) an organization that has 100 years of impact on the lives of each of its beneficiaries in the 116 countries that it is in.

How to Help Us

This is a project that will mark a before and after in the life of each of the beneficiaries, so we ask your help to fulfill our goal:

  • Through a donation.
  • Sharing the campaign with friends, colleagues and family.

 About our Organization:

We are a private non-profit foundation that implements extracurricular educational programs in schools and public and private institutes nationwide. We started operations in March 2002 as a subsidiary of Junior Achievement Worldwide, present in 116 Countries.

Our passion is to inspire young people to learn how our economy works, how it influences their daily lives and how to use it to improve their quality of life, as well as the principles of enterprise creation as a motor for social development and Economic. To achieve this, we seek to involve companies and professionals to share their experience with children and young people, showing them the way to go to succeed as people and contribute to the success of our society.

Our work is aimed at generating responsible entrepreneurial citizens, to literate financially; we create support mechanisms to encourage children and young people to stay in school, to prevent the illicit use of addictive substances; we take the real world to school, opening for the youth a broad perspective of the field of work, of business ethics.



Gracia Goya

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