With your gift lives of three thousand vulnerable students of La Pintana district, Chile, can be impacted for the better


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The district of La Pintana 

La Pintana is a district located in the southern area of the city of Santiago, capital of Chile. And it’s part of Greater Santiago. Claudia Pizarro Peña, mayor, is the current maximum authority of the municipality.

La Pintana has a population of more than 177 thousand inhabitants and is one of the 142 townships that have a high rate of social vulnerability for children and adolescents in Chile. The study by ONA (Observatory of Children and Adolescents) indicates that children in these communities have a high probability of interrupting their education and that three out of ten are living in multidimensional poverty.

This study also indicates that children and adolescents are the most impoverished population in the country.
The statistics of the South Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office also adds that the environment of La Pintana, in which children and young people study and live, leads the crime rate in the southern area of Santiago stating that crimes against freedom and intimacy of individuals, interfamily violence and crimes against property are the most frequent.

The problem in Chile: A society in social Crisis and very sick

We are very concerned that despite the growth and economic stability that has led Chile to be considered one of the exemplary countries in the region and part of the list of nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), our country as a society is “in SOCIAL CRISIS and VERY SICK.”

On the one hand, there is inequality, evident in social treatment, represented in the sexism and classism that triggers all kinds of undermining and discriminating experiences, rooted in the organizational history of the country, making Chile lead the ranking of most unequal countries of the OECD. And, on the other hand, there is the epidemic of overweight and school obesity, with a high prevalence and clear increase in recent decades, emerging as one of the countries that lead world rankings associated with the problem. Studies done by the Ministry of Health of Chile also indicate that this represents the second cause of a decrease in life expectancy or premature disability and the sixth cause of death nationwide.

Our objective

Through the teaching of the unique socio-educational values ​​of rugby, we want to EMPOWER the girls, boys and young students of La Pintana, developing skills that can be used by them to be successful in school, the community and to live healthy and active lives.

At RPT Chile Foundation, we imagine a Chile where all people have equal opportunities to know, learn and practice the values of rugby in daily life such as: family, respect, passion, tolerance, teamwork, solidarity, trust, discipline, collective responsibility, sportsmanship, enjoyment, equality, integrity. Our mission is to advocate for the democratization of school rugby. Educate, inspire and empower girls, boys and adolescents to expand their opportunities and to be responsible citizens in their communities and the planet.

Among the main components of this mission are: the introduction, enrichment and reinforcement of the social and educational values of rugby through learning and practicing this sport in an active and permanent way in establishments with state funding, vulnerable and scarce resources.

To which specific Sustainable Development Goals do we aim?

Goal 1: End of poverty

Goal 3: Health and well-being

Goal 4: Quality education

Goal 5: Gender Equality

Goal 13: Climate action


The main objective of this crowdfunding campaign is to collect eighty thousand American dollars (USD 80000) to cover the costs of eleven training workshops that will be imparted annually in the public schools of La Pintana.
In addition, achieving this goal will leave us in a very good position to request and manage the pledge of funds made the local authorities, offering to finance 50 percent (USD 40 thousand) of the necessary funds to ensure the continuity of the annual program for the next two years.
The estimated annual cost of each rugby workshop, per school, is seven thousand two hundred American dollars (USD 7200); as accumulated amounts of funds are reached, they will be destined towards the start-up of the workshops in school according to a priority list previously agreed upon alongside local authorities and school directors.


The training workshops of RPT Chile will help influence and positively impact the lives of more than three thousand (+3000) vulnerable students who currently attend public schools in the district of La Pintana, Chile.

As part of the work methodology of the annual RPT Chile workshop, trained educators, teachers proficient in the methodology of RPT Chile, intervene public schools of chosen townships planning 14 units of workshops distributed in 38 weeks per year. Physical activity varies from 2 to 3 days per week, considering two classroom periods (90 minutes) per day this would contribute an additional 4 to 6 classroom periods of effective physical activity to the MINEDUC educational program. Four segments are considered in the annual formative stage, grouping 20 children (10 boys and 10 girls) per workshop. Students from 1st to 8th grade (6-14 years old) are grouped according to their motor skills and ages in these four segments of work.

Using this sport as an active and permanent platform the introduction, enrichment and reinforcement of the social and educational values ​​of rugby through learning and play, are key factors in the success of the RugbyParaTodos Chile training workshop at a school stage. For example, soft skills such as communication, language, personal habits, friendship and optimism among others, are worked through physical activity. And socio-educational values ​​such as Respect, Discipline, Enjoyment, Sportsmanship, Collective Responsibility, Equality, and Teamwork are introduced and reinforced.

How does our organization measure the impact of the project?

Through the record of changes observed in the participants, the documentation of change stories that include case studies, visual media and interviews, compiled in a participatory manner, including the different partakers such as the participants themselves, parents and guardians, teachers and school directors and members of the community.

Evaluating the impact of our interventions through comparative analysis of the data collected during the baseline and end-line surveys


 The most important challenge the foundation faces is to be able to carry out the training programs and count with the funds necessary to commit the annual work of the educators. As well as achieving the commitment of local authorities in the financing of at least fifty percent of the program for the subsequent years. 

How to collaborate and help? 

People and organizations can help in the following ways: 

  • Donations or gifts through the international Crowdfunding page or by depositing directly in the FUNDACION RUGBYPARATODOS CHILE account of Banco Estado de Chile number: 43370364614 
  • Participating as official ambassadors of the campaign or volunteering in events and outreach activities
  • Helping in the diffusion of the message and the campaign, sharing in social networks
  • Using the HIPGive social sharing tools


Fundación RugbyParaTodos Chile (RugbyForAll Chile Foundation)

We are an Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) non-profit organization, which uses the power of sport as a tool in country development to improve lives, empower vulnerable communities of greater need and with few resources, and in this way, also support international development initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations (UN).

RUGBYPARATODOS los Colegios Públicos de Chile (Rugbyforall the Public Schools of Chile)

Movement that emerged in 2015 and was recently constituted as a non-profit organization, we are actively involved with other organizations, working in the planning and development of clinics and educational workshops of physical activity to be taught in vulnerable establishments with high social risk students and that have been rejected by other schools.

In these last years of work we achieved, together with the support of the family and friends of Rugby, that 312 public schools throughout Chile count with the sporting equipment necessary to learn rugby and that the Minister of Education and the Ministry of Education of Chile recognized rugby as a school sport and incorporate the rugby ball into the state purchase system.

Our Challenge: Change a New Generation for the better

Our first challenges: to seek recognition of the teaching and practice of Rugby and its different variations as a school sport, to be acknowledged by government authorities and to congregate as an organization and movement at a national and international level, have been achieved with great success.

Our next challenge is to work on making the implementation and development of educational workshops RUGBYPARATODOS in public schools in Chile a reality.

To achieve this successfully and efficiently, we need the help and collaboration of everyone: friends and families of the rugby community, local governments, private companies, public institutions, and government authorities, national and international social organizations that share our mission to improve lives making our efforts go even further.






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    Nadie puede quedar afuera de esta noble iniciativa. Estamos convencidos que este noble y rudo deporte lleno de valores y principios debiera provocar un cambio social positivo en nuestro jóvenes. Súmate !

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    Hola a todos! Les escribo porque quisiera pedirles una ayuda para mis compatriotas venezolanos. Hay una campaña en que busca recolectar fondos para la gente que vive en Venezuela y no pueden pagar sus gastos básicos como comida y entre otras cosas. Si les gustaría apoyar, pueden hacerlo a través de ese link