Safehouse for human trafficking victims in Mexico

This #GivingTuesday fight human trafficking in Mexico!

El Pozo de Vida

Children and Youth

Our story

El Pozo de Vida, A.C is a 501c3 registered nonprofit that operates out of Mexico City, Mexico. Also, a registered nonprofit in Mexico, our organization is dedicated to the fight against human trafficking through prevention, intervention, and restoration programs. Founded in 2010 with our safehouse for underage trafficking victims, over the past eight years we have expanded into nine different anti-trafficking projects throughout Mexico. We work with the children, youth, families, women and communities who are most vulnerable to this crime so that they can experience freedom and restoration to rebuild their lives. We partner with local nonprofit organizations, government, and foundations such as A21, Operation Blessing International, World Vision, Orphaned Starfish Foundation, and Manpower for vocational training, academic tutoring, scholarship programs, and prevention events with children and youth.


What problem do we fight?

Human trafficking is an international phenomenon that affects millions of people each year. In México alone, the National Commission for Human Rights estimates that over 500,000 women and children have been victimized by this crime. In an article released in Forbes Magazine, 57% of the population in México is at risk of being trafficking for situations of vulnerability. In accordance with the 2017 Trafficking in Persons report, Mexico City is one of the major destination cities for human trafficking victims from Central America and also within Mexico. Mexico City has the largest red-light district in Latin America, with an estimated 50,000 girls working on an average day (per study done by Mexico City Youth Commission lead by Angeles Correa).

Our solutions

In response to the need for more specialized home for trafficking survivors under the age of 18 years old, El Pozo de Vida opened its first safehouse in 2010 with a total capacity of 12 girls. Over the course of seven years, we realized the need to grow into a larger home, as at one point we exceeded capacity by 22 victims. In 2016, we received a donation to purchase a new safehouse that can house up to 25 girls at one time. The purchase, repairs and remodel were completed in 2017 we moved in in May 2017.


All victims placed in our refuge home are brought to us by the Mexican authorities or other institutions who make a referral with us, we never accept minors without government permission. Once in the safehouse, each survivor receives holistic, integral care which includes: food, shelter, clothing, counseling, medical attention, education and vocational training. Unlike other safehouses, there is no limit to the amount of time that beneficiaries can stay with us, and as many do not have healthy families or safe communities to go back to, they stay with us until they turn 18, where they have the option of going to our transition home or to live independently.


The overall objective of the safehouse is to contribute to the healthy emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual and social development of survivors of human trafficking, generating a dignified and safe space with integral and timely attention. The expected result of our program is to promote a healthy social reinsertion of our survivors by reducing their degree of vulnerability through training, education, and accompaniment in their individual process of empowerment.

How your donation will be used:

The goal of this campaign is to cover the remaining budget of 2018 and January 2019 as we wait for additional funding to be received in January 2019. Donations will be used to cover the general operating costs of running the home, staff salaries, food, clothing, maintenance, therapy and educational activities. As seen below, the cost per month per survivor ranges from $541 USD – $722 USD depending on the physical, emotional and social needs of each individual case. Please consider donating to help us cover the gap in the last stretch of the year and continue to provide quality, holistic services to survivors of trafficking in Mexico.



Only at 10% of our goal! Please consider giving before December 20th!

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